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Archive for the ‘Mobile’ Category

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Mobile Strategy

Posted on: September 17th, 2014 by James Prideaux
5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Mobile Strategy

With a continuous surge in technological advancements and increasingly changing consumer behaviour, the use of mobile phones as a browser has become hugely popular. It is said that over 55% of people now use their mobile device as their primary method of web browsing! Read more

What we learned from Apple’s iPhone Release

Posted on: September 13th, 2013 by Cormac Reynolds

apple announcement What we learned from Apple’s iPhone ReleaseApple needed to nail it at Cupertino on Wednesday evening. It needed to rise above the rest in a remarkable manner. It needed to hit a home run in the last minute of The World Series, or score a brace of injury time goals to overcome a one-nil deficit. It had to do something out of the ordinary. So did it?

Put it this way, before the event the world and his mother knew there would be two new iPhones – a budget one and an interim one with more power and a better camera. We got both – fantastic!

However, a ‘budget’ iPhone C will still set you back as much as a HTC One or a Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s not truly a budget phone and it’s certainly not positioned at a price point to break into emerging markets. Read more

Some of the Best IFTTT Recipes for Business

Posted on: July 21st, 2013 by Philip Ellis

best uses of ifttt Some of the Best IFTTT Recipes for BusinessThe online service IFTTT (If This Then That) now has a free iPhone app, which for anyone familiar with the functionality of IFTTT, is pretty exciting news. IFTTT enables users to create shortcuts between a wide range of previously unconnected apps and social networks, using “triggers” such as taking a new picture or adding an event to the calendar. These “recipes” are then made available for other individuals to use, making IFTTT essentially a crowd-sourced pool of hacks for everyday life. The app’s site states its aim is to “put the internet to work for you”, and according to James A. Martin at, it’s “guaranteed to bring out your inner hacker”.

IFTTT has been designed to make just about anyone’s digital presence simpler and easier to manage, which subsequently means there are numerous benefits for entrepreneurs and professionals who run their working lives largely from their iPhone. Below are some of the best “shared recipes” that might come in handy in the day to day management of your business:

Read more

Why think Mobile when Marketing to Developing Economies?

Posted on: July 14th, 2013 by MySocialAgency

mobile in africa developing economies Why think Mobile when Marketing to Developing Economies?By Vincent Matinde

The mobile growth rate in Africa surpasses any region globally, so it’s no surprise that Africa has become known as the mobile-only continent. This represents numerous opportunities for marketers to take advantage of this unique aspect to the continent.

Mobile phones in Africa are largely feature phones, although smartphone are becoming more and more affordable. So how can marketers get advantage of this? Below are some tips to help kick start fresh ideas.

What is a feature phone?

A feature phone, also known as a smartphone-lite, is a mid-range mobile that has more function that a basic phone only capable of voice calls and SMS, but without the expense of a smartphone.
Read more

7 Tips to Market Mobile Apps for Success

Posted on: July 5th, 2013 by Mark Mitchell

marketing mobile 7 Tips to Market Mobile Apps for SuccessA mobile app is a product and as such needs a marketing plan if it aims to be successful. From concept to end product pricing and all in between, there’s a thorough amount to consider and market entry does not a successful app make.

However, throwing money at an app is also not a guarantee of success. We’ve all seen those big Hollywood blockbuster disasters and know cash alone is not going to create the best app out there. Apps should be about the idea and the unique nature of the product. Successful apps are based on addressing issues and mistakes, listening to customers and improving on Read more

6 Ways to Improve Facebook for Android

Posted on: May 29th, 2013 by Mark Mitchell
facebook android app

facebook for android 6 Ways to Improve Facebook for AndroidFacebook’s Android application is one that has seen improvement, after improvement and now little resembles the original version. The current Facebook apps are filled to the brim with features, settings and options and have come a long way since we all used to slag them off. Being a big Android head, here are my favorite ways to get the most out of the Android Facebook app.

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