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Archive for the ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ Category

Google’s Pigeon Update – What Is It?

Posted on: July 30th, 2014 by James Prideaux
Google's Pigeon Update - What Is It?

Google is well renowned for its constant changes and updates to its algorithm. According to Moz, every year around 500-600 updates are being brought out by Google. This year alone we have seen Google bring in a vast amount of changes. On the 6 February it introduced its  page layout #3, intended to penalise sites with too many above the fold ads, two versions of their payday loan updates targeting ‘spammy’ queries, and on 28 June it implemented authorship photo drop designed to drop all authorship photos from SERPS. These are just a few examples of updates this year. Read more

3 Great Google Chrome Extensions to Analyse Potential Link Partner Websites

Posted on: July 25th, 2014 by James Prideaux
3 Great Google Chrome Extensions to Analyse Potential Link Partner Websites

Link analysis is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. Generating links to potentially authoritative websites not only increases brand exposure, but is also a great way to get in Google’s good books. As with all marketing methods, there needs to be strategies in place to be able to efficiently identify, analyse and select specific target websites that you think will help your business reach the correct target audience. Read more

Great SEO Optimisation Needs More Than Just Good Content

Posted on: July 23rd, 2014 by James Prideaux
4 Key Factors Besides Content to Optimise Your SEO

Search engine optimisation is a dynamic and ever-changing field. What once worked to get your business to the top of the page rankings may now leave you with a hefty penalty from search engines like Google. Gone are the days of generating high rankings using black hat SEO tricks. Google’s recent update of Panda 4.0 recognises when websites are trying to fool them using tricks such as hidden keyword stuffing and duplicate content, therefore new methods of ensuring strong SEO are a must to stay in the search engines’ good books. Read more

Natural vs. Non Natural Links: How to Generate Organic Links to Your Site

Posted on: July 4th, 2014 by James Prideaux
How to generate organic links to your site

Organic & Non Natural Links

Generating links to your website is an effective way of improving both your site credibility and search page rankings. Think of each link back to your site as an upvote towards your web page’s rankings; the quality of that vote then determines how much authority is given to your site. Read more

Creating Ad Extensions in AdWords

Posted on: July 1st, 2014 by Mark Mitchell
adwords extensions

Ad extensions provide potential customers with more relevant information than what’s contained in a traditional text based advertisement. A business can utilise this tool to develop a customer’s understanding of its products and services, and it can convince that customer of its value. An ad extension can drive a customer to a conversion, and a business would do well to ask itself what extensions will fit with its keywords and how it will fulfil a potential user’s needs.

Customers engage with ads that have extensions, and something like seller ratings can give those customers more confidence when using your website. A business could utilise call extensions so that customers can have a direct line to its employees. Much time is spent by advertisers on optimising their adverts and the text contained but implementing extensions is a much more impactful way of improving click through rates. Read more

Optimising your Landing Pages

Posted on: June 23rd, 2014 by Mark Mitchell
landing page

Websites are a necessity these days, and brands and businesses alike need to utilise them effectively if they’re to stay ahead of the competition. Your website is your online calling card and it’s a place that you want your visitors to stay for a while. It’s of no use to you or your business if visitors arrive on your page and then immediately leave.

If that is what’s happening on your site, you’ll notice a lack of user engagement and a drop in visitors to your content, as well as a high bounce rate. Fortunately there’s plenty that you can do to increase retention rates on your company website. Read more