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The Smarter Social Media Agency

At our core, we are a social media agency focused on making your social media channels drive your sales. That could mean Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or whichever channel is best for your brand, products and services. Modern social media marketing is about creating genuine buzz about your company and real conversations around your business. Working with us, you get the very best social media has to offer – from sizzling ideas and strategies created exclusively for your launch to campaigns that turn your customers into evangelists.

When used correctly, social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. Customers want to connect with brands today, and we can make sure your company is delivering bespoke campaigns that engage with people in the best possible way.

Award Winning Social Media Agency

Our social media agency will make sure your business is always at the forefront of the latest trends, as well as future proofing your social activities to make sure you’re always following best practice guidelines. We exclusively use white-hat techniques that build a following of loyal advocates and can boost your interaction with that fan base to achieve your business goals. We also pride ourselves on a 24/7 approach to social media, making sure your business reacts quickly and efficiently.

Our testimonials and experience with businesses prove our track record, and give you the confidence to let us take control. You’ll have a single point of contact that will effortlessly become part of your team, and give you the knowledge and experience you need to stand out on social media.

Rich Social Media Analytics, with Clear ROI

Many social media agencies struggle to find ROI on social media marketing. Not us. Our no-nonsense monitoring and analysis techniques mean you get an honest, up-to-date picture of what’s happening in your ongoing conversation with customers. We refine exhaustive data down We deliver detailed data but also break it into action points and honest appraisals, so you don’t have to sift through the numbers or the bull to get the real picture.

Today’s social media is about generating fresh, bright ideas that bring your business to the fore. Everything we do is focused on making the smarter social media choices. Whether it’s skyrocketing your Likes on Facebook, making you an influential ‘thought-leader’ on Twitter, or creating interest around your product on YouTube and Pinterest, we’re all about powerful strategies that get the results you want.

We’d love to know more about why you’ve visited our site today and the social media projects you have in mind. Tell us what you want to achieve.

Social Media Agency Services

Social Media Strategy

social media agency logo

Social media strategy is all about creating campaigns and projects that work every time. We believe in strong planning that build.....

Social Media Management


Social media is ever changing, so shouldn’t your social media management be the same? Our social media strategies are.....

Social Media Monitoring


One of the most undervalued aspects of social media is the powerful insight your company can gain into the intimate.....

Social Media Training


We know that your social media presence is one of the most powerful contributors to your brand image. We also.....

Facebook App Development


With over 1 billion users, Facebook offers businesses huge potential. However, despite this massive marketing opportunity.....

Bull-IT Testimonial

bullit logo

“As well as getting us real, concrete results, MySocialAgency has helped us establish ourselves as the top brand in our industry. We love the work they’ve done for us, from product launches to social media management. Great results, a great, friendly team and the experience to help us navigate social media means we’ll be working with them for a long time to come.”

Marketing Manager
Bull-IT Jeans

NoChex Testimonial

nochex logo

“Choosing MySocialAgency was one of the best financial decisions we’ve made. They not only streamlined our entire digital marketing process, but offered exceptional value for money in every aspect and got us great results. Thanks guys!”

Peter Lyster
Marketing Manager

Help-a-Dog-a-Thon case study

facebook app development case study

We produced an ultra viral Facebook app to promote a £20,000 charitable donation. Enter, 'Help-a-Dog-a-Thon', a custom CMS powered 2D game, where users must care for a virtual rescue dog. The app was a smash generating masses of online interest.

Click here to read the full case study.

Bull-IT social media case study

social media agency case study

Bull-IT are made from the worlds first super fiber, Covec. Bull-IT needed a campaign to drive users to their product in a competitive market. We produced a social media campaign centered around a viral video that provoked masses of interest.

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