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Smarter Social Media Monitoring

One of the most undervalued aspects of social media is the powerful insight your company can gain into the intimate world of your customer base. If you want to know about what the world thinks of your brand, there’s no better method than social media monitoring.

We monitor your social media data using a mixture of industry standard tools (which we can offer you at a discounted rate) and our own custom software. This allows us to gain the most detailed picture of your social footprint and pass on normally costly monitoring data to you at a great price to you. All this information can be daunting for businesses to deal with in-house, but this is where we can really help. With our extensive experience in data analysis, we can distill information down to the most important points, such as brand sentiment, KPI’s , ROI and forecasted growth. This boils down to your business getting the facts without the work. It saves you time, money and the possibility of making a costly mistake.

Premium social media monitoring for all

Indeed, the cost of social media monitoring is often prohibitive to many smaller companies, so that’s why we created our very own easy-to-use monitoring software that includes powerful features. This bespoke solution is excellent for identifying trends, analysing customer sentiment and spotting keyword opportunities that your competitors are blind to. All this gives you a real advantage over the competition, and keeps your brand in the public eye.

Furthermore, due to acounts we hold with leading software providers, we can offer a package share system, where normally expensive entry rates can be shared amongst numerous clients.

Easy to understand, broken down monitoring data

But what is the point of all this information? Well, being able to see the facts, generate sales leads and analyse data quickly and effectively allows you to respond to trends and get the upper hand on social media before your competitors do. Understanding social media monitoring data makes you quicker to respond and makes your message more relevant to your customers. This means bigger impact and better customer satisfaction for your new or existing strategies.

Our social media monitoring services give you the real picture, and help you do your job better, so just call or email to find out about:

  • Generating new business leads
  • Identifying opportunities with trend analysis
  • Getting the real picture with sentiment analysis
  • Monitoring strategies to suit you
  • Powerful responses with post-analysis action points

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