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Smarter Social Media Training

We know that your social media presence is one of the most powerful contributors to your brand image. We also know it can be hard to juggle each social media outlet effectively and ensure you’re giving a coherent social media message. Our social media training courses give your in-house team a head start against the competition. We’re proud to be one of the foremost innovators in social media and we’d love to pass our knowledge on to you.

As social media has moved from being a nice-to-have feature to an essential part of any marketing and customer retention strategy, the demands on your business have changed. Although the simple route is to hire a young and hip intern who has lots of friends on Facebook, this is very different from managing and measuring a brand social media. Its about understanding now how social media works, how it can be measured, how to show ROI and how to react to different situations. That’s where we come in.

Lack of brand social media training can spell disaster

Poor training is the number one reason why brands fail on social media. Not only do a majority of companies leave a trail of forgotten Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, but they often do severe damage to their brands by creating an apathetic message that’s visible to everyone. Even worse, many businesses simply don’t react quickly or effectively enough to prevent customer dissatisfaction issues spiralling out of control. Our training courses are about empowering your business and helping you to avoid the mistakes that thousands of others have made.

Industry leading social media training courses tailored to you

Our social media training courses are designed especially for you and give you the tools to make social media work for your business. We cover all platforms, from Twitter to Pinterest, and can give you the perfect level of training to suit your requirements, all at a fantastic price. What’s more, we can work your training around you, whether you prefer Skype tutorials, face to face traning or to come to our offices in Leeds or London, we work around you.

We take social media training seriously, and can give your business the benefits of our years of experience. Whether you just want to know exactly how social media can increase site traffic, or if you’re having trouble with crisis management issues, we’ve got it covered. Be sure to give us a call if you’re interested in getting the real low-down on:

  • Setting up and maintaining social media accounts
  • The different platforms and how to approach them
  • Bespoke training courses for individual or multiple social platforms
  • How social media affects SEO and web traffic
  • Communicating with customers via social media
  • Supercharging your social media presence
  • Crisis management via social media

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