Facebook’s rolled out the changes since this post was written and all of us are currently using the new look Facebook profile. The new look Facebook profile, Timeline is now the accepted front of the Facebook profile.

However, Facebook has been making numerous changes that are almost as important as that of the Timeline change –EdgeRank being one. Changes here have greatly lowered the reach of many brands. So, it may be best to learn how to recover your brand reach levels to previous highs and increase the numbers of people you engage with.

New Look Facebook Profile

Of course, engagement levels and reach can also be increased through timing of Facebook posts and there have been some interesting thoughts on the whole timing matter and on strategies and tips for Facebook.

It seems that the whole new look Facebook profile related EdgeRank change is part of a whole larger spectrum of transition for the social media site. There are of course both financial and also spam related reasons for this. As any of us who use Facebook for marketing will know, Facebook is becoming increasingly clogged up with spamming, unethical techniques and fake Likes – all of which are there for the quick buck. Facebook’s push has also been towards a more Ethical Facebook Like – something seen as important for the business’s stability and value on the market and also to marketers.

Facebook has always been a great way for marketers and business to get a lot for their time and money. Even businesses short on cash can make a big impression on the Facebook with a small budget. This can be achieved through a mixture of organic posting and also adverts for mobile and desktop. Both of which have seen savvy business thrive online.

Though new look Facebook has undergone numerous changes since its floating, some of which has been criticised and seen talk of its decline; there is a bright future for social media for marketers, businesses and consumers – even when we move on from the Timeline format.

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Written by Mark Mitchell

Managing Director for MySocialAgency, a big traveller, major geek and massive music head. Mark likes to write about digital marketing strategy, SEO process and productivity.

  • Thanks for those steps, I’ve just activated the new look and I have to admit I’m impressed. Looks much nicer.

    • Hey Mark. Yes it does. I like it a lot. I think it is a great strategic move. I very much doubt that people will migrate over to Google+ now. Its fun watching the ‘war’ pan out! How is your weekend going? – @Mark_3000:twitter 

  • Abhishek singh

    hi Mark thanks for this post……its so good…

    • No problem. I love the changes, it looks so much better 🙂

  • Talat choudhury

    talat choudhury

  • Kashfiaakhter

    hey mark i got a prob :/ n that is aftr i go end up in the dashi dont c the word ‘admins’ written anywer or showz my profile soo i did evrythn as it is bt wen i come til here i get stuck :/ !!!

  • Kashfiaakhter

    hey mark i got a prob :/ n that is aftr i and end up in the dashboard i dont c
    the word ‘admins’ written anywer or which showz my profile soo i did evrythn
    as it is, bt wen i come til here i get stuck :/ !!! 

    • Try this – http://on.mash.to/vk6iJb

    • Tragicheart_red

      Like mine … i got a burst of head

  • its not workin………….no invite banner is there……………:(

    • Hey Alex. You can get the profile now without doing the above steps. This is a really old post I did. Check out here – http://on.mash.to/vk6iJb

  • how to remove timeline look???????????????????????????????????

    • James Slone

      Alex. Are you OK? If you want to remove the timeline just remove the app. Then it might make sense to have a lie down for a couple of hours. Or days….

  • Enoch_roy

    where does it say as Admin says

  • Spsaipradeep

    Give it a fake action and object ie: verb ‘read’ object ‘blog’

    this where to edit

  • Rock Arpit1989

    got a problem..i followed all steps….but there is no any invitation banner showing on top of my profile..please help me…rock.arpit1989@gmail.com

    • Mark – MSA

      Hey rock. You should be able to enable the timeline now without following these steps. This is an old blog post and since we published this Facebook have now made the new look available to everyone. Just follow this link 🙂 – 
      http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline – Mark @mark_3000:twitter 

  • manav singh

    i followed the steps,,,,bt did nt get new look…..plz provide me new look

  • Sahar Khan

    its very difficult to create a new look of facebook

  • Amrendra

    thnx a lot………..

  • Ksalmanahmad

    what should be app namespace??

  • Sheela Verma

    I din’t get code on my mobile after doing 1st 2 steps so i closed the site where we have to give code. but after 10 min. i got message . Now that site is not opening. It’s displaying  like ‘Sorry, we have already tried texting multiple codes and they all seem to have failed. Please click here to get help.’ What should i do? Please help me

  • Tragicheart_red

    im stuck now i can’t get through the dashboard that u are saying sir mark…what should i do????

  • ahsan habeeb

    after writin the words in theph tab displayed in the left hand side app name space there is no gr

  • Dadhibal Saket76

    its not workin………….no invite banner is there…………..

  • Dobariyaharshad

    how to implement these application???

  • drat, i did as instructed but when i clicked on app admin it took me to my original page and there was no banner, help?

    • Mithra

      log into spotfy

  • Sunnych Ch

    Works with me thanx….

  • You Su17

    its not agreeeeeeeee

  • Abhishek Mathur

    If anybody wants to switched to the previous looks, then what to do… kindly do reply.

    • Sadly we are unsure about this Abhishek. Now the timeline option has been rolled out to users, once they opt it, we are not sure how to get the old look back. We personally enjoy the new look very much. Please try and contact Facebook support. Best. Mark

  • how i can add or post my data on new style of Facebook

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    its not working 

  • Manipalreddy

    its looking good ………….

  • Anandpatel9016

    It’s Amazing And Beautiful,

  • Randell Cheryl

    hi can you help me? im on the number 9 now but i cant find all the number nine please help me thank you