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About us

The MySocialAgency team are a talented bunch who love to fully immerse themselves into the world of digital marketing. With a wide range of experience all under one roof, every member of the team is a specialist in their area, but blends their expertise seamlessly into the overall digital marketing packages on offer.

Whether you are a small business or a huge brand, you can rest assure that we will deliver the results you want through a combination of creativity, passion and dedication.


Meet the team below and if you fancy finding out more about our services then give us a call or drop in any time for a cup of tea and a chat.

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Mark Mitchell
Managing Director

A digital marketing veteran, Mark is the founder of MySocialAgency which he started back in 2010 based on 12 years of marketing experience and some big ideas. Starting up the company as a revenue generator while backpacking four years ago, Mark has seen the world while creating his own agency from scratch.

Now working from sunny Leeds, Mark is an expert in social media marketing, search marketing and project management. Out of work, Mark enjoys music, talking to animals, listening to the rain and shouting at computer games.

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Anna Francis
Content Manager

Anna is a psychology and business management graduate originally from Devon. Heading up the content team with a creative brain and good eye for detail, she looks after content for a range of different clients. She has 4 years of copywriting and social media experience and is passionate about creating great content.

The office chatterbox, Anna is a bit of a word nerd and loves writing all day and correcting everyone’s grammar and punctuation, she can usually be found singing loudly to cheesy music on a Friday afternoon. Outside of work Anna is a big music fan, plays a lot of tennis and loves spending time with her black Labradoodle Poppy.

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Ragil Pembayun
Search Consultant

With his unconditional love and passion for search and social media, as well as all things digital, Ragil is our  Search Consultant here at MySocialAgency. A football purist and huge fan of everything Liverpool FC related, Ragil is also a keen road cyclist and a big fan of Mark Cavendish, Castelli and Wilier bikes.

He can usually be found around the beautiful city of York at weekends with his full lycra on.

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James Bell
Web Developer

James is a computer science graduate from Yorkshire. He is the office web development expert and knows a range of code and platforms. He can often be found experimenting on CodePen. With over three years’ experience in web development, James is the go-to-guy for anything code related.

He has an interesting taste in music and likes to wind up the MD by putting on the occasional 90s pop track. Outside of work James is a big fan of F1 and loves anything tech related from Gaming and Bitcoin to building PCS and fixing them.

james1 About us

Muhammad Uzair
Community Manager

A mass communications & business graduate, Uzair is a self-confessed social media geek who lives his life online. Jumping onto the social bandwagon over six years ago via forums he has developed a strong knowledge of the mechanics for engaging online communities for all kinds of brand and business.

This study has given him insight that others simply don’t have on how digital marketing campaigns can be effectively shaped for companies worldwide. In his spare time, Uzair is a keen photographer, loving nothing more than being out and about with his camera.

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Craig Collins
Account Manager

Craig has a strong background in reputation management and is the Account Manager here at MySocialAgency. He is responsible for ensuring that all of our clients are well looked after from the moment they contact us and is always just a phone call away.

A self-professed football fanatic, he can be found spending a lot of his spare time cheering on Liverpool and being overtly sarcastic. Along with this, Craig is also keen to keep up to date with all of the latest industry news as well as all the latest goings on in the general tech world. Along with Anna, he is one half of the MSA pool doubles champions.

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Julia Gabler
Office Manager

The lovely wife and soul mate of the company MD, Julia works behind the scenes and is responsible for the smooth running of the agency. Keeping a band of creative types in check is no easy task and Julia’s key responsibilities include book-keeping, admin and ensuring all projects are delivered on time and on budget.

A proud mother and German national, Julia has seen and lived in most corners of the world and is fluent in 4 languages. Out of work, Julia enjoys making stuff, knitting, computer games, looking after baby Milo and generally being a wave of calm and peace.

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