Social media is a huge part of any brand’s marketing efforts today. The various social platforms are used to develop a larger brand awareness, gain insight into your target audience, and essentially provide a more personal experience for your consumers.

It isn’t just enough, however, to spend an hour each day on your social platforms, it is a tactic that needs constantly monitoring and analysing. The surge in technology has brought about advancements in mobile technology, which in turn has allowed us as marketers to monitor trends on the go. There are a good selection of applications out there for iOS that allow you to view full reports and social media statistics whilst out and about. A few are listed below:

bigstock-Belgrade-April-Soc-72073675-1 4 of the Best iOS apps for Social Media Monitoring

Hootsuite for Twitter

Hootsuite is a well-renowned tool that allows the user to monitor, track, search and analyse various aspects of the social stratosphere. On desktop, Hootsuite allows you monitor trends on a range of platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and G+.

The application doesn’t yet allow you to track Facebook and G+, but it does include Twitter, which is probably the most important network for social listening. Once logged into your Hootsuite account, you can view the exact same analysis tools and search software that you would access on a desktop. It has a very good UX and uses simple swipe systems for navigation, making it quick and easy to monitor and listen to your audience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been the ‘go to’ tool for many companies as a way to track numerous metrics, traction, conversions and in-depth data on website traffic. The desktop tool also allows you to monitor how your social channels are doing, in terms of visits, demographics and location, as well as tracking which social sites produce the highest amount of referrals to your actual website.

Google Analytics have an app for both iOS and android, which basically allows you to do the exact same thing you can do on desktop. The app gives you access to all of your web and app data, including monitoring historic and real time data. The application is a great way to analyse how your social media presence is affecting your website, as well as providing a comparison month on month.

Radian 6

Radian 6 is part of Salesforce’s overall marketing software. You will need an account with Radian 6 to allow you to get full use of the application, however they also offer a free trial, just incase you wanted to get a feel for it.

The app allows you to keep track of any noise related to your industry or organisation within the social stratosphere. It offers in-depth and organised data, referring to keyword tracking, brand mentions and popular industry discussions. Social listening is a must within a solid social media strategy, as it allows you to gain practical insights into what your target audience, and industry competitors, are currently talking about. From this, you can then evaluate any existing trends, giving you insights from which you can then tailor your marketing strategy accordingly.


Visual posts are rapidly becoming a frequently used tactic for many companies nowadays. The sheer fact that they are shown to drive a considerably high amount of engagement is reason enough for any organisation to delve into this area. Social networks such as Instagram have recently become very popular for companies to push their content through. The ease of use and simplistic user experience makes it a very popular platform for many different demographics.

Followers is a very simplistic tool that has one main focus; to track the amount of followers your account has, as well as listing who you follow, who doesn’t follow you back, and who you don’t follow back. Knowing who you follow and who follows you is a very useful piece of information that can determine the success of your social accounts. If you are being unfollowed by a number of users, there may be a reason behind it. Followers allows you to track in real time who has left your account, as well as those who have recently joined.