The creation of amazing, engaging content isn’t merely about the written world in paragraph form. There are numerous types of alternative content for the Adobe illiterate that allow for colourful, intriguing alternatives to the traditional article. Following on from our tips for creating golden content earlier in the week, here are our favorite ways to add a little variety to your content marketing campaign.


Infographics are renowned for their information dense highly engaging appeal and even if you can’t tell a vector from a Ghostbuster, there are a number of great free online resources for creation of infographics. is a pretty awesome creator, provides a range of templates for customisation and even allows you to directly import data from spread sheets. The end result is quite attractive and really makes a change from the run of the mill guest post submissions.

type-of-content-1 4 of the Best Types of Alternative Content

infographics-content 4 of the Best Types of Alternative Content

Social Lists – Alternative Content

Social lists or community driven posts make for that holy grail of social interaction and the rare happening that is well maintained updated lists. is a great tool that allows for collaborative list building that resides on both your blog and on the main site. The community on then vote for and add items they feel are apt for the list you’ve created. Users can also embed your list on their site and you even can brand the list and add a backlink to your homepage meaning it provides significant potential for increases in traffic. It’s free to use and another easy to use alternative to standard content marketing.

App Creation Software

Every business can find some sort of use for an app and they’re a great way to transform your media and sites into something more engaging. With a rise in the number of searches through apps and bypassing traditional search an app can really be a significant benefit. Apps-builder allows creation of apps of a range of platforms within a short period without the need for any coding.

content-marketing-challenge 4 of the Best Types of Alternative Content

Storify – Alternative Content

The curation of content is huge at the moment and one of the tools we love is Storify. Storify allows you to bring together a wide range of content and then to draw it together selectively and then add to it and augment it. So, for example if you have taken part in a Twitter chat then you can afterwards enhance it via video, photos or even articles. Embedding Storify on your blog is easy and can make for a completely different sort of post and one that is a patch above the ordinary.

Integration is the key to a successful Storify post and curating and adding other people’s content is a great way to page views and also build up friends. It also enhances the chance of discovery and allows you to amplify the effect.

Content is changing and though great blog posts are still central to your strategy, there’s plenty of fresh options to make more your content stand out from the crowd. So, utilise the above means and reap the rewards.

Let us know what you think of our alternative content tips and feel free to add your own, as ever, via the comments 🙂

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