content-streams 4 Tools for Distributing Winning ContentContent marketing, the phrase of the year, especially in the wake of the Google Penguin and Panda updates, which saw some companies disappearing from the search radar altogether. 90% of business believe that CM will become even more important next year, yet only 38% of companies have a strategy in place.

Are you one of the 62% with no plan and can’t understand why your CM efforts seem to be getting you nowhere?

content-streams-1 4 Tools for Distributing Winning Content

A recent survey found that CM campaigns were put in place with the following objectives in mind:

– Increase engagement: 52%,
– Increasing traffic to site: 42%
– Raising brand awareness: 35%
– Increased sales: 33%
– Improved SEO: 31%

Ok, so you’ve created great content, done all your social sharing and marketed your content as much as you think possible; or have you? There are a few extra tools that can give your marketing a boost and this should include actually making a plan.

Google Currents

This is an app that’s available for iOS and Android which allows you add or create content for the app and publish it. All you have to do is gather your RSS and media feeds and create a mobile magazine version of your content.
You don’t need to know how to code or create apps and you can fully brand your magazine with logos and so on. You can add slideshows, videos, maps and more and can use content from your blog and all your social content to create it.

google-currents 4 Tools for Distributing Winning Content


Many companies disregard this as they still don’t see it as being as useful as Facebook; however, there are plenty of benefits to using G+, the most important being SEO as you can include many more characters than say with Twitter.

Really optimise the keywords for G+ posts and you’re sure to get noticed but try to remember that quality is much more important than quantity.


This is a new service that scans your content and finds people on Twitter that are talking about what they need that your content can provide. An “Engagement” panel allows you to review incoming tweets and act on what people want immediately by providing it.

Of course, this means that you can track clicks through the service and measure the performance of your content. There’s a free trial available or you can sign up for various packages starting at $19.95.

LinkedIn syndication

Did you know that you can share what you publish on your blog with your LinkedIn network automatically? Well now you do and to get started just click here. You can see what else people in your network are blogging about and you can also syndicate blogs from Moveable Type, Typepad, Vox and further platforms.

For further tips on how you should be managing your content, including how to start from scratch see the infographic below courtesy of DIVVY HQ

12-Things-Infographic 4 Tools for Distributing Winning Content


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