Instagram-icon 5 Amazing Instagram for Business TipsInstagram has seen astounding and solid growth since Facebook took the reins in 2011 and currently has over 100m subscribers. It’s also among its most popular in business with the social channel movers and shakers, such as Nike and MTV – who often set the pace for smaller businesses and what they should be doing.

Like any attempt at entering a new social media network, a new business has to learn where to begin to increase exposure. So, here’s how to get started.

Instagram-icon-1 5 Amazing Instagram for Business Tips

Instagram Tips – Hashtag

The hashtag is one of the most effective ways to get in touch with an intended mass audience that you think will benefit your brand. They are used on all posts in Instagram accounts and there are a number of ways you can leverage them to improve your marketing advantage.

Using hashtags in your user name and profile will mean that every photo you post automatically has a hashtag of your brand – making it easy finding for potential customers. Of course, a lot of the hashtag use is the same as the for we’d advise for Twitter and using tags for photo descriptions and on other users accounts with the same hashtag works well – just make sure it’s quality over quantity.

Instagram is very big in the competition area and including hashtags for competitions will improve exposure and engage audiences.

instagram-for-facebook 5 Amazing Instagram for Business Tips

All Social Media

The visual is so important to social media these days and Facebook’s changes are increasing the onus even still. So, linking accounts and sharing all your shots across your accounts will hit on this love and increase engagement, while also show people you own an Instagram account.


If people don’t know that you’re on Instagram, then they won’t be able to participate with your account. Promote the fact you have an Instagram account and also the title of your handle. Also, add an Instagram social media button to your sites and elsewhere – this also helps with exposure. Even tweets, posts on Facebook and pins on Pinterest help – so add them to show people you are using Instagram.

Instagram Tips – Research

This is so important for engagement. Jumping in there and getting into Instagram is a trial and error process. However, doing some research on what your competitors are doing, posting and what seems to be working in the industry gives you a fast trek route to success. Outreach also helps. So, find people in the demographic that you are aiming for and engage them by commenting and liking their images – they’ll be likely to engage with you in return and follow your account. Of course, like all good CRM – respond, ask questions and most of all listen.

Interesting Images

All social media needs interesting content and in the case of Instagram that content is images. So, to really create interest you need high quality, interesting imagery. Showing people what your product does via the account and asking them to post their creative uses of the product can really work well. Taking teaser photos exclusive images and info on new services and events keeps people interested and coming back for more.

So, make the most of Instagram – its huge potential can greatly benefit your business.

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