Social media is an extremely useful tool to use when trying to increase brand awareness, as well as bring in and retain customers. One of the most popular platforms being used by organisations is Twitter.

This platform, like many others, allows businesses to promote to a vast audience, with the API allowing for a range of analytics and campaigns. For example, Twitter allows tools such as SocialBro to gain in-depth insights into a wide variety of features, including the best time to tweet. It also allows you to run marketing campaigns such as Twitter Direct Messages, where other platforms may not.

bigstock-Brussels-March-Twitter-H-43303165-1 5 of the Best Twitter Campaigns From Around the World

In the past few years we have seen some great social media campaigns, from competitions to hashtags, and below i have listed 5 of the best campaigns that have been run on Twitter:

#ShareTheSofa, Heineken

First on the list is Heineken for their extremely creative #sharethesofa hashtag campaign. As a major player in the football industry, Heineken decided to use their pull over the market to come up with a social media campaign which would allow sports fans to connect with each other, as well as with the professionals themselves.

This brilliant campaign started with the #hashtag, which ties together one of the main things attributed to football, which is watching the sport on the sofa with your friends. The content of the campaign then consisted of interviews with famous football legends, regular group conversations using the hashtag, and Heineken even set up a sofa share with a football legend for a few lucky fans.

Ben & Jerry’s Fairtrade Tweets

In an attempt to give back, Ben & Jerry’s created a Twitter campaign not too long ago with the aim of increasing awareness for fairtrade foods and their move into the world of fairtrade. The campaign consisted of an application on the Ben & Jerry’s website, which allowed users to enter their tweet and have any spare characters left go to good use.

It was basically an advertisement put into users’ tweets, so if they had a few spare characters left, a sentence regarding fair trade was put into the space. It was a great way to bring everyone together for a good cause and the campaign was said to have had over 120,000 Twitter characters donated to the cause.

@tweetacoffee, Starbucks

A few years ago, Starbucks being the innovative brand that they are, released a new campaign across social platforms based around the hashtag #tweetacoffee. The premise of the entire campaign was to allow customers to purchase a coffee, then receive a free one for a selected friend.

Once customers purchased a coffee, they just needed to tag @tweetacoffee and include the Twitter handle of their chosen friend so they could then visit Starbucks and receive their free coffee. As you can imagine, the campaign was hugely successful, with an estimated 34% of Twitter followers using this offer. The campaign succeeded in introducing new people to Starbucks, as well as essentially providing a buy one get one free incentive for groups of friends.

#Twombola, Bestival

Bringing the fair-style game and love for festivals together, Bestival used their creative heads to come up with one of the best social media competitions to date.

The basis of the campaign was that users had to tweet, via a dedicated microsite, using the hashtag #twombola, which would then generate a unique ticket for the user. It was basically like a real tombola but on Twitter, and instead of money to pay for the raffle, you just had to pay with a tweet. The winner was randomly selected and won free tickets to Bestival.

As you can imagine, thousands of music lovers entered the competition, which was so successful, it was used the next year too.

Innocent, #Tweetandeat

Receiving money off products is always something that gets a user’s attention, especially when that product is food. Tapping into this mindset, Innocent came up with an extremely creative campaign which gave customers money off products, as well as occasionally giving away free products.

All users had to do was tweet using the hashtag #tweetandeat, and they would receive a minimum of 50p off their purchase. The campaign was a great way to build followers and brand awareness, as well as offer an incentive for somebody to purchase the product, when they might not have usually.

Given that the campaign was introduced at the beginning of Innocent’s move into the food market, it was a great way to create a demand for their new products.