The world of social media is full of different tools that can help you do everything from managing online accounts to following influencers in your industry. The choices available can often make your head spin, especially when you think about all the different services available for each network.

Twitter is a great social network and it is hugely popular with both brands and individuals. There are tons of different ways to use Twitter as part of your social media strategy, but sometimes it can become somewhat overwhelming with all the different things you need to keep up with.

Twitter-Tools-1 5 Fantastic Twitter Tools to Transform Your Social Media

There are actually some great tools out there to assist you with your Twitter marketing in lots of new and different ways. From different levels of analysis to conversation management, there are some great resources available:


Launched by Favstar founder, Tim Haines, Respondly works as a team support inbox for Twitter. There are so many reasons to engage with people using Twitter now and for those who offer a good level of customer service it can often be hard to keep up to date with who said what and when.

The tool creates one simple page that allows all social media managers in one company to keep track of and reply to any mentions. It also allows them to assign different tweets to employees so that the whole company doesn’t try and reply to the same person.

Respondly 5 Fantastic Twitter Tools to Transform Your Social Media


A great tool when it comes to analysing your followers, SocialRank helps you to rank your most important followers using specific criteria. This tool is great for brands, as it allows you to engage with and reward the followers who deserve it the most.

It also allows you to see how many verified accounts follow you on Twitter, which is great for finding out who the major accounts you should try and connect with are. With monthly reports about your followers, SocialRank really helps to show you who you should be spending your time reaching out to.

SocialRank 5 Fantastic Twitter Tools to Transform Your Social Media


A tool that seamlessly integrates with Twitter, Flawk provides instant communication with followers without any sign up system. The real-time engagement platform allows question and answer sessions, a bit like AMAs on Reddit, but with your Twitter followers.

Using Flawk, brands and individuals can host live events, so that anyone who wants to engage with them and ask questions can do so in a fun yet safe environment. It allows users to host real-time chats and could be very useful for brands when it comes to FAQs and customer service.

flawk 5 Fantastic Twitter Tools to Transform Your Social Media


If you are looking to engage with an international audience, then it can often be tricky if you only speak one language. Fliplingo is a platform management tool that allows you to post your tweets in multiple different languages.

Before you start wondering how the translations can possibly all be accurate, they are done by humans, not a machine, so everyone who reads them will understand them. This is a fantastic tool to help create a growing community around the world with an easy and simple service.

Fliplingo 5 Fantastic Twitter Tools to Transform Your Social Media


The main point of Soda is that it is a campaign management tool. It allows you to create a Twitter campaign in three simple steps to help promote your brand in an easy and efficient manner.

With some campaigns it is only possible to see the results when the campaign ends, but with Soda you can view statistics and optimise your efforts in real-time. They also provide reports to help you see the campaign from start to finish. Although the tool is currently in private beta, it is definitely one to keep an eye on.

soda 5 Fantastic Twitter Tools to Transform Your Social Media

This is just a snapshot of the new Twitter tools on the market, but all the ones I have mentioned above can really help you to develop, monitor and manage your social media marketing.

All these tools are worth a look, so give them a go and see what they can do for your brand on Twitter. If I have missed any you think should be on this list, then make sure to pop them in the comments below.