Nowadays, social media is much more than just a social domain for interaction with one another, it is a valid method of marketing your business. Being able to utilise twitter is a skill in itself and involves much more than just watching your social feeds. Once you establish a strong social presence, your exposure towards your target audience is limitless and of little cost.

Companies nowadays are increasingly getting much more tech savvy and incorporating social media into their digital marketing campaigns. Fast company explains that 93% of marketers now use social media for business. As well as this, 77% of the fortune 500 companies are now active on twitter.

5-free-tools-to-manage-and-monitor-your-twitter-account-1 5 Free Tools to Manage and Monitor Your Twitter Account

Typical activity on twitter from organisations includes pushing content through their feeds, building relationships with both their target audience and industry influencers, as well as providing posts linking traffic back to their site to ultimately produce a conversion.

Whilst this activity is a necessity and a proven method of brand exposure and success, many organisations may find it difficult to effectively track, monitor and analyse the efficiency of their twitter account. For example, do you know how your brand is actually perceived? Are you actually reaching your target market? What are the talking topics regarding your products or services? How are your competitors performing?

The worst thing to do is guess at the above questions and be content with personal perceptions of how successful you are, especially when there are a selection of great software tools to do the job for you. Below I have listed five nifty pieces of software to enable you to effectively analyse and keep up to date with your twitter presence:

1: Twittercounter

Twittercounter is a free online tool that lets you analyse your own twitter statistics, as well as compare them to your competitors’ statistics. You can analyse up to 3 accounts at any given time. The main features that this tool provides include:

  •           Comparing the growth/decline of both your own and your competitors’ followers
  •           Accessing a 30 day prediction of what your follower growth may be
  •           Comparing the number of tweets sent against your competitors’ tweets

Below is an example of Twittercounter:

twittercounter 5 Free Tools to Manage and Monitor Your Twitter Account

2: Topsy

Topsy is a search engine providing users with searches for specific keywords or phrases, using twitter as the indexing source. Topsy has 3 different analysis options available:

  • Social search: provides the user with a detailed list of specific keywords or phrases mentioned on twitter
  • Social analytics: shows the amount of times a keyword has been used over a specific time period. Three keywords can be compared against each other in the same search
  • Social trends: the social trends tool provides the user with access to a number of trending topics. You can search for specific trends using keywords, or you can select the top 100, 1000, 5000 or 20,000        trending tweets. You can also choose between image, video, links or tweets

Below is an example of Topsy’s social analytics feature:

topsy 5 Free Tools to Manage and Monitor Your Twitter Account

3: Tweetstats

Tweetstats is another free online tool that provides statistics in the form of graphs. Tweetstats’ main information base is around the timing of the tweets sent from your account and can provide analysis on both you and your competitors regarding the following:

  •           Average no. of daily tweets
  •           Overall timing of tweets by time of day
  •           No. of tweets sent per month

However, Tweetstats also incorporates other content such as:

  •           Who you retweet most frequently
  •           What interface the tweets were sent from, i.e. website, mobile, etc.
  •           The users you reply to most frequently

Below is an example of a selection of the graph results from Tweetstats:

tweetstats 5 Free Tools to Manage and Monitor Your Twitter Account


4: Twitonomy

Probably the most complex and detailed of the five twitter tools; Twitonomy is an analytics tool for both your account and your competitors’ accounts. To enable this feature you must be logged into a twitter account. Once logged in, all you have to do is enter the twitter handle of your desired user and hit search. That will then provide the following in detail:

  •           Overall stats on the users, i.e. how many tweets sent, time of day, how often content on the page is retweeted
  •           A view of what content is most popular through observing most retweeted or most replied to content
  •           Most popular users on your page. In other words, users that you or your competitor have most frequently replied to or mentioned. This is a great way to see who your competitors are engaging with
  •           Most common hashtags, meaning you can see what your competitor finds relevant to a certain hashtag
  •           Platforms most tweeted from
  •           An hour by hour breakdown of your tweet statistics
  •           Easily viewable statistics on your followers in list format

Below is an example of Twitonomy, detailing the overall statistics, users most retweeted and followers:

twitonomy 5 Free Tools to Manage and Monitor Your Twitter Account


5: Followerwonk

Followerwonk is another free application produced by Moz. This tool allows users access to detailed reports on all twitter users. Followerwonk is a great tool for finding influencers, as well as providing analytics on competitors. The following can be done using this application:

  •          Search for relevant twitter users using keywords
  •          Search for twitter bios to make your search even more specific
  •          View detailed reports comparing multiple users on terms such as level of influence
  •          View timing of tweets and amount per day

followerwonk 5 Free Tools to Manage and Monitor Your Twitter Account

Investing your time into some of these tools will provide you with a real understanding of how well you as a company are performing. As well as this, being able to evaluate your competitors can provide you with extremely useful insights into how your strategy may need to be altered or even how well you are doing in comparison. Take a look at one or two tools, input your details and see how useful they are for you, they’re free, so why not!