business-apps 5 Great Apps for BusinessExpenses? Signatures? There’s an app for that!

There’s an app for everything, so we’re told, and for business users apps can really help increase productivity and make life that little bit easier all round.

business-apps-1 5 Great Apps for Business

Bearing this in mind, I’ve put together a list of some of the best business apps out there for use with smartphones and tablets. The ability to work on the move is becoming more and more important in the modern connected world, and these apps will help you to do just that.

Business expenses

We’ll kick off with one for the road, Expensify allows you to track all of your business expenses on the move. Receipts can be scanned in and exported as a .CSV file and the website boasts that the app can be seamlessly integrated with Quickbooks.

expensify-business-app 5 Great Apps for Business

The app also allows you to add other people in your business, create reports and study analytics, as well as add a credit card so that you can easily track what you’re spending. Ideal for business users who have to travel a lot for their job, Expensify is a valuable and extremely useful tool.

Easy electronic signatures

Ever had to sign a business document and send it back via email? We all know what a pain it can be printing, then signing, scanning and then email – what a lot of bother for a signature. However, with Docusign all of the hassle is done away with and you can add your signature on any touch device and add it to documents as required.

docusign-business-app 5 Great Apps for Business

There are 4 plans available, it’s free for personal use or you can choose one of the following:

Free plan – allows user to request up to five signatures and unlimited document signage. It allows signatures to be created in 43 languages, documents are stored in secure cloud and word documents can be converted to PDF.

Professional plan (one user) – this costs $15 per month and allows everything the free plan does with a few extras such as 50 signature requests, fax-back, reminders, reusable templates and epayments.

Workgroup plan – costing $20 per user, per month, this plan is ideal for small businesses. Unlimited signatures are allowed for both sending and requesting and a host of additional features such as custom branding, reporting, advanced workflows and more are available.

Enterprise plan – in order to arrange a trial, the enterprise plan requires users to call for pricing plans. Enterprise allows all of the above, as well as advanced modules for bulk sending and more.

Taking customer payments

Square is ideal for small businesses who would like to accept credit card payments on the go. Perfect for travelling salesmen and market traders, Square works via a simple card reader that you can attach to your mobile phone.

Square has a surcharge of 2.75% for each transaction and deposits each into your business account the next day.

Users can choose to pay the surcharge of 2.75% or for those who expect to take a lot of, or high payments, can opt to pay a flat fee of $275 per month.


I’m kind of talking social for this one; Here on Biz is a free app that allows you to connect and chat with LinkedIn members who also use the app. Here on Biz alerts you when any of your contacts are nearby on business, or when you have travelled close to them.

The app also keeps an eye on industry relevant conferences and events, so that you can easily see what’s on and who is attending. Perfect for the busy professional who loves to network, Here on Biz is a great tool, especially as it’s free.

Customer relations and management is a CRM tool that allows businesses to manage everything from taking payments to collecting customer reviews. Interacting and analysing your contact and transactions is simple and there is a real time analytics feature designed to help your business grow.

For $50 per month, users get the Leaf tablet, which has been designed specifically for use with the app, and includes a card reader so that you can take payments on the go. The tablet works as a mobile checkout, cash register or fully-featured POS system.

Leaf can be used in a variety of industries and allows you to send receipts to customer’s mobile, which can also be used to provide feedback on products and services.


To finish, something a little more on the lighter side. Do you travel a lot for business? Then you may want to install Sit or Squat, which is a new app from the makers of Charmin toilet paper.

The app searches for and finds the cleanest public toilets in most major cities and delivers the information to your mobile. Never get caught out in a stinking bathroom again!

There are, of course, a plethora of decent business apps out there, but this is just a small selection of some of the more useful ones.

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