interactive-websites-blog 5 Great Tips to Reinvigorate your BlogDo you ever find that your blog is going nowhere and that you’re just not getting the value from it that you thought you would? Blogging is complicated and in a lot of ways the writing of the blog posts is only half the battle. There are numerous other things that need to be taken care of and that demand attention if you want to be successful – we can assure you we know.

So, here’s a list of great little ways that you can change things around and make even more of your blog.

interactive-websites-blog-1 5 Great Tips to Reinvigorate your Blog


For the reader blogs are about what’s written on the page – content is king. You wouldn’t put a library in the middle of the Vegas Strip?

So, ensure that the blog design is as clutter free as possible and that you not only create a great impression, but also make it easy for the reader to take in what’s on the screen and value it.


Adding contextual links to your post is a great way to keep readers onsite for longer and also to add value to their experience. Contextual links to other posts you’ve written and also to other highly relevant sites adds value to the experience and also showcases your best work.

Sign Up and Social Media

Ensure that your sign up form is easy to see, sign into and positioned prominently on the blog. You want it to be as easy as possible for people to sign up to your newsletter or emails. You should also follow the same guidelines for social media and remind people to sign up with each and every post. Calls to action will increase the likelihood of signups considerably.

Social Media

Just as you display your social media profiles prominently, you should also make it very easy for the individual to share your posts with their community. Make it as easy as possible to participate, comment and share. If you’re finding that you’re not having success on your social media platforms, we’d suggest you focus on one or two rather than seven or eight.

blog-retweets 5 Great Tips to Reinvigorate your Blog

What People Want

Focus on posting frequently and at regular intervals and follow through with scheduled posts on social media at timed periods too. You should also try to interact with not only your posts, but the community in general.

Engage with post comments with a sense of personality on your own blog and also ensure you comment on industry relevant blogs. One of the best ways to become well known in a niche is to comment on and discuss topics with others in your niche on their sites and blogs.

Offering people guest post opportunities and having a steadfast consistent guest post guideline list is also a good way to add value, create interest and attract new high quality content, while also creating industry connections. Forming connections can be achieved via email, links to other blogs from posts and comments.

Blogging is interesting, valuable and also insightful and can offer a lot to others and your own business – so take some of these tips on board and have a great 2013.