Content creation should be fun and exciting, but too many people get bogged down with the daily duty of having to create a length of text just to try and keep their blog fresh and regularly updated.

There are lots of sites out there that can help you if you get stuck for content ideas, and there are many different tools that will try to help you automate some of your work.

Monkey-feature-1 5 Kickass Tools Content Marketers Need to Know About

When it comes down to it though, there needs to be some heart behind your content and an element that helps it stand out from the crowd. Unique content is the main thing that will encourage engagement levels and generate shares, so brands need to stay on top of their game. Here are some great tools that are not only free, but will also help you create new and exciting content:


This fantastic content tool can help you to take an image and tell a story about it in just a few simple steps. By selecting from a range of interactive icons you can connect your image to a video, some text, a piece of music or even just more images.

Text overlays and captions are old-hat; these interactive images can boost your CTAs, support your campaigns and encourage your audience to engage with your content. Best of all, it’s fun, free and super easy.

Each interactive image can help tell your brand’s story, provide information on a product or service, or help capture specific links or text within a picture. There are so many different ways this tool can be used – the possibilities are endless! ThingLink 5 Kickass Tools Content Marketers Need to Know About



This free platform allows you to curate content and structure it in a streamlined and contextual manner. The tool allows you to easily create a story around a specific topic by filtering social media channels and news sites.

By aggregating real-time updates from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, Storify helps you to create an informative narrative by simply dragging and dropping different elements from a range of places into your storyline.

Social plays a huge part in news stories today, and Storify allows you to curate content based on a specific topic to create news round ups, cover live events and document a range of different situations. Here’s a great story about a monkey who may or may not own the copyright to a recently taken selfie:


Monkey-Selfie-Copyright 5 Kickass Tools Content Marketers Need to Know About



This online image creation tool allows users to create a range of different graphics and icons in a fast and efficient manner, meaning we can all feel like experienced web designers from time to time.

With a library full of pre-made templates and assets that you can adapt to work with your brand, it really is as simple as adding your own text and images wherever you want them to be.

Users can also incorporate their branding and logo into templates and save them, so they can create regular images in a professional and consistent manner. Canva can be used to create Facebook cover photos, cartoons, blog images and more. canva 5 Kickass Tools Content Marketers Need to Know About


Timeline JS

A simple and versatile timeline that is easy to use and looks amazing. Using Google Spreadsheets, Timeline JS allows you to build intricate timelines using photos, text, videos and more.

It’s completely free, and links to YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Sound Cloud and more to create data rich timelines to help boost your content. This tool could be used to produce a visual history of your brand, or could be used to show the development of a product or service over time.

The best way to use these interactive timelines is to keep the text short, the story interesting and the images clear. Once you have created your timeline, you can simply embed it straight onto your site.

Timeline-JS 5 Kickass Tools Content Marketers Need to Know About



This tool serves a specific purpose, but one that is often needed in the world of online marketing. It allows you to upload a picture of your choice onto a real-world picture of someone holding a phone, tablet or sitting at a computer.

Here’s one I made really quickly below, just to show how easy they are to make – it’s simply a case of just drag and drop. The only downside is that the images are quite low resolution using the free version, but it does suffice for the majority of blog post images.

PlaceIt is great for content marketers who want to create a story using simple, yet personalised screenshots. There are lots of different options and sizes to choose from, and you can even upload a video too.

placeit 5 Kickass Tools Content Marketers Need to Know About

Let us know if there are any other tools that really make a difference to you when it comes to creating unique and exciting content!