Social-Media-Tools 5 Social Media Tools You Have to TryThere are so many marketing and social media tools out there right now that you could be forgiven for being unsure which of them you should choose. It seems that everyone and their dog use Hootsuite (if their last Facebook advertising campaign is anything to go by), so surely that’s the best one right?

Not necessarily and while I do use Hootsuite, it has been rather buggy of late, with the software crashing quite often or the service going down completely for hours at a time. With this in mind, and to see what else is on offer, I’ve put together a list of some lesser known apps that are worth looking at.

 5 Social Media Tools You Have to Try

#1: Swayy

Swayy is a content curation tool that’s incredibly handy, as it analyses the type of content you tend to share and the sources it comes from and suggests similar content based on keywords and trending topics.

I love this idea as it has the potential to save you an enormous amount of time if you do a lot of content curation and sharing. You can easily add and remove keywords and it even has an analytics function so that you can see how well what you’re sharing is doing and adjust accordingly.

Looking at the content it suggested once I had added my Facebook Page and Twitter account, it’s also a pretty intuitive bit of kit and definitely worth a look.

#2: Mention

This one is a monitoring tool that allows you see who is talking about keywords you select and the social media accounts that you add. Appropriately named Mention, the application allows you to connect your social accounts and create any alert that you like that is connected with your brand, its products and services.

#3: ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is a tool for managing your Twitter accounts which has a free version, as well as a Pro, the latter of which obviously gives you more options. I would say it’s worth paying for as it’s a powerful bit of software which allows you to carry out the following:

– Unfollows
– Calculate best time to post according to your audience
– Analytics
– Search account
– Sync with G+
– Export account activity

manageflitter 5 Social Media Tools You Have to Try

You can also pay a fee to have the ManageFlitter team manage your accounts remotely for you. This is “performed by people” and is compliant with Twitter’s rules. Pricing is reasonable at $1 for every 1000 actions (such as posts, unfollows, follows) and you can buy $10+ to get started.

#4: PostPlanner

This is a handy little app for managing your Facebook pages as you can schedule it to post straight to your feed from sources such as your RSS feed or Twitter account. However, for this feature you do have to upgrade to ‘expert’ user in order to enable it.

It’s a Facebook app so it’s installed directly into your account and from the dashboard you can then schedule your posts and it even gives you content hints depending on the engagement that you would like to see. The free version is slightly cut down but it’s handy if you use Facebook and it gives you insights and allows you to create specific target groups.

#5: Zapier

This is a more complex app that has a huge amount of useful features such as the ability to create a ‘Zap’ which is an automated task that can do things like import Tweets into a Google spreadsheet. This is just one of many functions that Zapier can carry out and there is the option of a free account or choosing a pricing plan up to $99.

A great data management tool, I really like Zapier as it can also do things like send Facebook posts straight to your blog and works with numerous networks and applications.

There’s little doubt that if you’re in digital marketing that some of these tools will prove useful, my favourite of the lot has to be Swayy, if only for the sheer amount of time it saves and the intuitive nature of it.