It is easy to think that when you create a blog, people will automatically flock to it on a daily basis to read and share your content. Unfortunately this is just not the case.

Every day 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared, so with a huge amount of blogs to choose from, it is unlikely that a large amount of readers are simply going to stumble across yours.

Blog-Traffic-1 5 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

More and more content is being created by brands around the world due to the fact Google rewards those who create sharable content – as recently highlighted by the Hummingbird algorithm. The key however, is to get your content seen and shared, so how do you go about doing that?

Guest Blogging

Matt Cutts recently claimed that guest blogging was dead, but what he was really talking about was the type of guest blogging that looked like spam and just targeted any site on the web with low quality content in the hope of getting a link.

By finding a popular blog in your niche, you can have a look at the type of content they currently post. Think about what you can offer and pitch a number of ideas to the blog owner and if your content is of a high enough quality then they will be glad to have your contribution.

Share, Share, Share

Of course I don’t mean share so much you end up spamming your audience, but don’t just share your new blog post once on Twitter, use your social media channels to reach out to people around the world at different times.

Each blog post you write can be shared multiple times and on multiple platforms. Use tools like SocialBro to find out when your audience are online and schedule your posts using Buffer or Hootsuite around that. Social shares drive the best form of traffic, as they are based on human recommendations.

Use Content Sharing sites

There are lots of free sites out there that will allow you to promote your content for free. Hubspot and Squidoo are good and easy to use if you don’t want to spend ages setting up an account. is great for sharing digital marketing related content and is fantastic for creating boards around a particularly subject matter. People can follow the boards, which creates a great source of regular traffic.

Join the Conversation

If you want people to visit your blog, then make sure you are writing about the stuff they want to read. Use Twitter and Google to find out what questions people have about things in your area of expertise and then try and answer them.

Put together a list of statistics or maybe a how-to guide on what your audience wants to know and actually go and provide them with the link. Participate in the communities that your fans do and engage with them. Don’t do anything spammy just join in and provide helpful links to content when you can.

Email Lists 

If you have an email list and send out a weekly/monthly newsletter, then there is no reason not to use this to promote your blog post. Don’t overwhelm readers with a long list of URLs, but provide them with snippets of information.

At the bottom of the newsletter you could have a section with your top most-read blog posts and just provide a short summary of each with a link back to your blog. This is a great way of creating leads and generating traffic.

It is important to write engaging and compelling content to encourage shares, but without the audience you need viewing your content in the first place, you won’t receive the shares you need. Don’t be afraid to trying new ways of promoting your blog, just make sure you don’t come across as spammy and try and think outside the box.