In the first instance, good content marketing is all about good content creation, and deciding to pen an eBook certainly has the potential to tick that box.

But how to go about marketing said content and prevent it from gathering dust on the digital shelf?

ebook 5 Ways to Market Your eBook

For the purposes of content marketing, it’s not usual these days to put a price tag on your eBook. However, just because you’ll be giving your amazing, highly-researched and insight-laden piece of content away for free, doesn’t mean that downloads will come flocking.

Indeed, the “book” bit of the “eBook” moniker implies that you will be asking downloaders to invest some serious time in ploughing through your pages. Sure, to you it may seem like you’re just asking for an email address in return for the content, but from a user’s perspective, you’re also asking them to invest their precious and valuable time.

In fact, just asking for that email address in the first place is off-putting enough for some. We’ve given our information away to enough online entities already – why should we do it again?

It’s a fair question – and so in response you must give a fair answer, and that’s going to come down to your powers of persuasion as a marketer.

mobile-phone-583683_960_720 5 Ways to Market Your eBook

How to Market Your eBook…

Through Industry Influencers

If you think you’ve got a key piece of industry research within the covers of your eBook, then the best place to start your marketing mission is with industry influencers.

One of the core reasons for an influencer’s very existence is to find the very best pieces of content produced on their subject and to share it with their fan base in order to increase their reach. So, if you’ve got something of genuine interest to them, then you should by no means be shy about sharing it – if it’s what they’re looking for, they’ll thank you before you thank them.

However, influencers are aware of their position and the value their, well, influence is to your eBook’s success. As such it won’t hurt to try and sweeten the deal.

For example, you may flatter them if you ask for an exclusive quote that you could then insert somewhere within the eBook (since they’re one of the most respected authorities in the field, after all). You may also want to think about offering to insert a link to a piece of content that they have written in your eBook as well.

Of course, you will also be sending a complimentary copy of your eBook to them – that’s just good manners.

One thing to bear mind, however, is the fact that these guys and gals will be inundated with messages asking to share content every single day. So, make sure first that your eBook contains something of particular value to their readership, and that you ensure that your message stands out above all the rest.

library-1666701_960_720 5 Ways to Market Your eBook

Through Guest Posting

You want your eBook to appeal to and to come into the radar of as many readers as possible – and this means thinking beyond the realms of your existing audience.

Guest posting is one sure fire way to gain additional reach in this regard.

Deciding what sites to target will require some research. You need to figure out the marketing personas that your eBook targets (indeed, if you’ve been organised, you will have done this before you started writing it, but no matter if you haven’t), and then find out where these personas go online to get their information.

With this established, you can then reach out to the corresponding websites and see if they’ll accept a guest post.

Of course, you will have to pen a completely original and educational blog post for the website in question – it’s very unlikely that any site would accept a blog that has the sole purpose of plugging an eBook that promotes your business. However, there shouldn’t be any harm in slipping a CTA in at the end that directs readers to your eBook for additional information.

Through Landing Pages

What makes a good landing page campaign?

Well, to answer that question I direct you to our recent post that covers the very subject – ‘How to Increase Conversions with a Landing Page Campaign’.

All the good technical stuff is in there.

Landing pages will be essential to ensuring maximum downloads of your eBook. A well-designed landing page will pull out all the stops to ensure that those final clicks are made to start the download – and, with each one, another email address gets captured.

Through Email Marketing

You have a few options when it comes to email marketing your eBook.

First, you could simply send a copy straight out to every single subscriber. It’s the easy option, but also the lazy one (to be perfectly frank). Not everyone on your list will be interested in your content offer, despite what you may think.

Indeed, when marketing your eBook, you really should observe the fundamentals of content marketing in general, and that means targeting (and retargeting by extension).

When building your email list, you will of course have been capturing additional information about the signatories. For instance, a certain segment of that list will be made up of your paying customers, from which you will have amalgamated data on exactly what they have bought from you.  

There will be other segments, too. Some might not be paying customers, but simply fans of your content. Are they fans of all of your content? Maybe, maybe not.

The point is that you will have data that you can utilise to choose exactly whom to target with your eBook. Indeed, you could even take a different approach and use the data to inform the topic of your eBook in the first instance. In this way, when you’ve finished it and are ready to send it out, you’ll know exactly which members of your subscriber list will get the most out of your offering, and therefore will be most likely to download it.

Through Repurposing Segments

A lot of research, time and effort will have gone into the production of your eBook – which of course means that you will be wanting to sweat the asset as much as possible.

Repurposing is your friend in this regard. Consider turning a selection of your chapters into blog posts. Though be smart – these need to serve as teasers for the really good stuff that resides in your eBook. Pull a few statistics out of course, but if your readers want to find out about the solutions to the problems your blog posts highlight, they’ll have to download the real thing.

Infographics can also be used – and these of course stand out mightily on social networks.

SlideShare is another great and underutilised network for promotion (it’s one of top 100 most-visited websites in the world, I was actually rather surprised to learn).

And don’t forget video. Indeed, if there’s one sure fire way of driving excitement about anything, then a solid promotional video campaign is the way to go – and eBooks are no exception. Pull out some of the real cool bits from your eBook and tantalise viewers to find out more through downloading the whole thing. Easy.

Need help marketing your eBook? Perhaps you need a team of crack content marketers to write it for you in the first place? Either way, My Social Agency has the solution for you. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.