Having regularly updated social media channels is vital for brands, but coming up with fresh content on a daily basis can be tough. The lack of ideas and variety can often be the reason that brands give up maintaining their Facebook, meaning their social media channels are often left dead in the water.

Next time you are struggling to think of a Facebook update for your business, check out these ideas and give your fans some fresh content they will really want to engage with:

Facebook-Posts-1 6 Creative Facebook Posts to Boost Your Page Engagement


Visual content is huge. Facebook users upload 350 million photos every day and pictures perform the best when it comes to shares and engagement. They are easy enough to incorporate into your brand’s business page, just try one of the following:

Funny Pictures

Everyone loves to laugh, but it is important to think about exactly who you are targeting with your pictures. A soaking wet cat may make you laugh, but is that what your audience want to see?

Try and find a way to relate your funny pictures to your industry and fans, so choose pictures that they will understand and relate with, rather than bombarding them with animal memes.

You can also relate funny pictures to the time of year or any national holidays, there is huge scope, it is just about being creative with your pictures and using funny anecdotes in moderation.

Breath-Taking Pictures

If a picture you post takes someone’s breathe away, then chances are they are not only going to take a second look at it, but will also share it with their friends and family.

The goal is to get your post shared, so make sure the image is fairly unique and something that hasn’t already gone viral, this way it will appear to be unique and most likely be shared.

Try and find something that will be of particular interest to your fans, for example if you are a travel company then post a picture of the most remote beach in the world. If you are a restaurant then post a picture of the most delicious looking ten-tier cake in the world.


Text is an obvious one, as it is what most people put in their statuses. The problem lies when businesses just put huge chunks of salesy text that no one is every going to read. Be original and use text that fans can engage with:


The number one option when it comes to using text is to ask a question. People love getting involved in quizzes and surveys and they like to think that their opinion is important to the brands they favour.

Keep your questions to the point and ask them something that will relate to their lifestyle or preferences. If you just ask a general unrelated question then you are unlikely to get a response, but if you ask what their favourite holiday memory is, then they will be keen to share.

You can also use quiz style questions and give multiple choice options to encourage those who may not know the answer or want to get involved with personal questions. You could post a question every day and award a prize at the end to the fan with the most correct answers.


Quotes are inspiring and people love to learn something new. By providing your fans with a quote you are motivating them and teaching them something new. You will see quotes everywhere you go, on clothing, tattoos, graffiti and of course social media…

Your quotes should inspire your fans but still be topical and relevant. There are tons of places you can find quotes, searching on Google around a keyword should bring back quite a few results and sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr can be quite useful.


Videos are hugely engaging and they provide a simple way to build a relationship with your audience. Now Google owns YouTube, there is no excuse not to get on board and set up your business video channel. You can either create videos using Facebook or link to videos from your Facebook page:


As with quotes, people love to learn and being able to teach them shows you as an expert in your area. If you have a particular product or service then show your audience the various ways in which they could use them.

If you are selling a new smart phone, then create a video feature guide with any tips and tricks that may not be in the user guide. Guides can also be useful for answering any common FAQs before they even get asked.

If something you are selling, such as a home cinema, is particularly tricky to install, then create a video with a step-by-step guide physically showing them slowly how to install it.


If you have a new product launch coming up or an event taking place at some time in the near future, then video can be a fantastic way to keep your audience up to date with the progress.

Give your fans sneak peaks of what the decorations will be like at the event or let them guess any celebrities that will be attending with a secret video. If you have a product launching then share some of the things it can do or show it off from a distance to keep people guessing.


Facebook is an important social network for brands, especially those who are more B2C. It doesn’t matter how many boring text updates you put out, if your fans aren’t reading them and engaging with them then they most certainly won’t be doing you any favours.

Try one of the above types of content next time you are stuck for ideas and see how much your engagement levels increase. A lot of it is about trial and error, so find out which content works with your audience and keep improving it so get the results you want.