Google-Tools 6 Great Google Tools for Website OwnersGoogle provides so much for free and though the search engine takes much from us in return, it’s a pact that seems to work. In the past we’ve looked through great Chrome apps, fantastic Android applications and a whole array of services it offers. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the great tools and resources it offers online marketers – let’s take a closer look.

The Structured Data Mark-up Helper

Proper mark-up is only going to be more and more important as algorithms look to delve deeper into content. It will also most likely impact on SERPs in time too. This great tool quickly helps mark-up your content, and makes adding HTML to your site quick and easy.

 6 Great Google Tools for Website Owners

IP Address Range Tool

This tool is great if your RegEx skills are not in top nick. All you need to do is to place the first and last of the list of addresses into the tool and then click the ‘Generate RegEx button and you’ll have a string of RegEx which can be used with Google Analytics – very useful.

Google Trends

Google-Trends 6 Great Google Tools for Website Owners








We’ve discussed Google Trends in depth before. Trends is a great tool that allows you to keep an eye on what’s happening, what’s hot and what’s increasingly and increasingly on trend. It’s a great tool also for keyword research and simple to use too – another plus.

Structured Data Testing Tool

This tool is a good way to extract the Google data from a webpage and great for testing. It will showcase particular schemas and is a great tool if you’re looking for microdata and increasingly important for Google authorship. This is because it shows if both author and publisher markup is certified.

Author Stats

This can be seen in the Google Webmaster Tools account under Labs – Author Stats. It’s a great tool that shows you a raft of information and data on content of which you are the verified writer or creator. It’s quite like the Search Queries data in Webmasters Tools to look at and includes info such as average ranking CTR, clicks and the like. It also shows the content that you’ve added authorship mark up for and shared on G+.

Google URL Shortener

This offers the same functions as most other URL shorteners on the market but still one of the best and clearest. It also creates a QR code, browser and referrer data and can be good for getting information on shared data or content.

Of course honourable shout out goes to the likes of Webmasters tools, Google Analytics – installed on over 10m websites and obviously the likes of YouTube Analytics which also deserves its space in the list of amazing web tools out there. All of these are essential for webmasters who hop to make their sites more visible in the SERPs and improve their performance.

What’s your favourite Google Tool or do you use alternatives?