Unfortunately not every blog post or piece of content can be about something super exciting or mind blowing, and often the less interesting pieces are more relevant to our everyday life.

As a writer it is not easy to keep the attention of your audience if the content you have put in front of them is in any way dull and uninspiring. The likelihood is that the article or blog you are writing is a completely worthwhile topic, it’s just not much of a thrilling one.

Wow-Factor-1 6 Easy Ways to Give Dull Content the Wow Factor

It is important to keep the attention of you readers, as this is what helps you to develop a level of engagement with them and ultimately build up a relationship. Believe it or not, it is actually possible to give dull content the wow factor and keep your audience glued to every word you write. Here’s how:

Talk Directly to Your Readers

Writing as if you are talking directly to your readers is a great way to develop a closer connection. By using the term “you” regularly, it will make your audience feel as if you are speaking to them as an individual.

Show them you understand exactly how they feel and what they are thinking by using phrases such as “you may feel as if…” or “I know this isn’t easy…” will help them feel like you can relate to them. Mirror the language you think they would be using if they were discussing the topic with you while sat at your desk.

Use Your Personality

Just because the topic at hand isn’t the most exciting thing ever, it doesn’t mean you have to sound as if you are half asleep just writing about it. Inject some life into your content and let your personality shine through.

It is important to sound interested in what you are writing, because if you aren’t, then why is anyone else going to be? Develop your personality throughout your blog and make sure you keep it consistent on every piece of content.

Start your Content with a Bang

If you know your content is not likely to wow the masses, then draw them in the second they set eyes on it. You could start with a really interesting statistic that gets them thinking, or maybe an inspiring quote that leaves them wanting to read more.

The idea is to capture your audience’s attention right from the word go and not give them a chance to consider clicking off the page. They are also more likely to engage with the content after reading it if they were impressed with how compelling it was despite what they thought could be an uninteresting topic.

Use Visual Content

Visual content is a fantastic way to keep your reader’s brain engaged and move their eyes down the page. It has been shown that when someone looks at a page, their eyes automatically go straight to the pictures.

Place images and videos in appropriate places throughout your content to help support your text and get your point across in a fun and engaging manner. You can even use funny pictures and memes, as they will help to breathe life into a dull subject.

Be Relatable

To help make a dull topic into an exciting one, it can often help to relate it to something else that interests your audience. If you are trying to give some great marketing tips, then use an interesting event as an example of something you are marketing. For example, the World Cup or the Royal Wedding.

This is effectively how newsjacking works, as companies see a popular trend or news story and then use it to ride the wave of interest in the same general direction. Use Google Trends and Google News to find out what’s hot, then see how you can relate your content back to it.

A great example of a brand doing this is when the London Fire Brigade invited Kate Winslet to train with their fire fighters after the fire on Necker Island where she saved Richard Branson’s mother.

Involve Your Audience

If there is one thing people love, it’s seeing their name in lights where a brand is concerned. If you know your topic may need an extra oomph, then crowdsource opinions and information from your audience using social networks before you start writing it.

Once your content has been published, you need to promote it well and make sure the contributors know that their opinions have been featured. There is a very high chance that they will then share the content and help boost the interest levels surrounding it too.


The main person you are writing your content for is your reader, so make sure you talk to them, show them your human side and give them a reason to be interested in your topic.

Images and videos are a great way to demonstrate your points and also helps to keep your content visually exciting. Make sure to relate your content to something your audience will care about and then involve them and show them that their opinion matters, as at the end of the day, engagement is key.