vine 6 Ways to Make the Most of VineVine’s six second video feature is one of the newest social media additions and also one of the most exciting. However, a little guidance can help, especially in the video realm. So, we’ve come up with some tips to help you turn over a new marketing leaf with Vine.


Six seconds is not a lot of time to define a message and so you ideally need to decide on the one point you want to get across with the media. You want people to leave with a better understanding of your brand or service after the six seconds. One non-complex idea can be easily put across in the time period, so keep it simple and make it sweet. If it doesn’t fit succinctly into a six second clip, then put it on YouTube.

vine-1 6 Ways to Make the Most of Vine

Sneak Peeks

Six seconds is enough to create a sneak peek of a new product, piece of information or a new service being offered? Vine is a great way to create an appetite for more. In the same way a minute long movie trailer works for a 90 minute film, Vine’s six seconds can be utilised to create that sense of eagerness.

Like any form of visual media a business should focus on the visual, funny, interesting, unique or sexiness of the advert or promo. These are the things that create intrigue and ultimately sell.

Human after All

Like all social media, Vine should have a strong focus on the human aspect. Vine allows you to provide insight into your brand, people or culture. Images a great way to create a human appeal and six seconds is long enough to push a fun factor, something feel good and interesting or something intriguing about your brand or your people.

Use Sound

A lot of Vine’s don’t use sound, yet it can be as important as images to your video. Back ground music or even a quick fun fact can create that little something that makes your vine stand out. It allows you establish a message faster and set a tone.


Vine’s six seconds allow a lot more than you can imagine and there have been a number of businesses who have used it to demonstrate a key feature of a product or service. Numerous companies showcase some of their apps main abilities with the social media. It’s all about creating intrigue and interest.

Don’t just do it

A lot of the reasons that people use certain social media options is down to the fact they seem – ‘in’. There’s no point adding a new form of social media into the marketing mix until it’s ready, you’ve done your research and you think it can benefit your brand. It’s not about just using a platform, it’s about making it work and at the top end, being innovative and doing something exciting. So, we’d advise you to experiment, review and work on your Vines before using them. Otherwise it will just become another piece of content in the vast haze of social media.

Vine can be very useful in the social media marketing mix, so take your time, be creative, create intrigue and have fun.

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