One of the most powerful ways to boost social engagement is through the use of quality visual content.

Visual content has exploded in popularity in the last few years and there’s a massive market for image based content. It’s understandable – an image is easier to grasp, easier to empathise with and makes it quicker to attain information – meaning quality images create a stronger message.

Visual-Content-1 7 Great Resources to Create Compelling Visual Content

With the rise in popularity of visual content, came a number of great tools that allow even those with little or no graphic design knowledge to create some fantastic imagery and we’re going to show you some of our favourites.

Awesome Screenshots

Let’s start simple. Taking screenshots can be a real fiddly thing to get right and a lot of software doesn’t allow much room for creativity. Awesome Screenshot removes the need for cropping, editing and a whole host of other programs and just does what it says in the title – creates awesome screenshots.


Photoshop isn’t cheap and Paint is no substitute at all. PicMonkey is the answer to this photo editing problem. The fact that the program is online, means there’s no need to download another piece of software and it offers a whole host of quite cool options that make it easy to spruce up an image.


As any site owner will tell you, the fear of problems regarding creative commons images is growing by the day. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re easy to find – in fact the same lacklustre images rise to the top again and again when you search for CC images.

Compfight is a great alternative and its algorithm is great, pushing the most attractive and relevant images to the top of its results. It also generates the HTML code for attribution meaning it’s easy to embed on-site and ensures there are no mix-ups.

A lot of the make-your-own infographic  software out there isn’t great to be fair. is a good option though as it allows you to create interactive infographics. Its software makes it easy to add graphs, video, text and a range of other visuals and it’s really easy to do. There are social sharing tools and if you’re looking for a high quality, simple infographic you’ll be pushed to find a better alternative.


Placeit’s quite a cool concept. The site comes with a smorgasbord of electronic images such as laptops and smartphones. The twist being that you can add your own website’s image or your logo to the devices’ screens and pass them off as your own – quite cool.

Font Squirrel

The Font Squirrel is a big box of high quality fonts and is all free for commercial use. There’s a wide range of trendy fonts and a custom search to ensure you find the most suited one for your site or project.

Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone is the authority on colour in the world of design and this site shows you the coolest colours of the next 12 months – it’s a nice way to stay on trend when designing a visual piece.

These are just some of the fantastic resources out there that can be put to use for those hoping to create visual content that gets shares, links and engagement.