Even though the key to a great blog is great content, great plugins can also help increase your blog’s performance and the likelihood of your treasured thoughts being shared. Here is our collection of some great WordPress Plugins for your blog.

WP Touch

The amount of browsing and interaction via mobile platforms is set to increase significantly (again) in 2013. WP Touch is a plugin that’s easily installed and formats your site to cater for mobile devices. It allows you to optimise those things that work well on mobile and hide those that don’t, creating a smoother and more attractive experience for on the go.

great-wordpress-plugins-1 7 Great WordPress PlugIns

W3 Total Cache – Great WordPress PlugIns

The speed at which your website loads is certainly a factor in the amount of traffic from search engines and this is especially the case on mobile thanks to often stodgy speeds. Page abandonment increases with every second it takes to access that vital information and W3 Total Cache increases the load time of your blog significantly. It allows for in-depth optimisation, allowing you full control of caching.

SimpleReach Slide

This plug-in uses a complex algorithm to suggest a related article that the reader will find of interest. This plug-in can help increase the pageviews on your website by encouraging people to read and share articles. The plugin also features a Facebook like and Tweet button at the bottom of the widget to benefit your social media marketing attempts.


The length of content is increasing, with more and more information being added to pieces in the hope of giving the reader more value. Of course, this increases the length of the post and means more scrolling is necessary. Toggler allows readers to hide and show different parts of your content and makes it easier for them to find the information they were looking for. It’s a powerful tool that can make your blog all the better.

Akismet – Great WordPress PlugIns

This is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and is also one of the most powerful spam trackers. Akismet tracks spam and flags it and is very accurate. It’s perfect for most blogs and prevents your site being clogged up with Viagra adverts and other rubbish.

akismet-wordpress-plugin 7 Great WordPress PlugIns

Google XML Site Maps

Ensuring that Google can access your entire site is so, so important for your SEO attempts. There’s not much point adding amazing, well optimised content if it cannot be accessed by search engines. Google XML site maps generate a map and make it easy for crawlers to access your site or blog.

WP SEO by Yoast

Finally, this plugin is an all in one add on that includes a wide range of information including webmaster tools, RSS optimisation, page analysis and plenty more. WP SEO allows you to preview how your page will look in SERPs. There’s also an analysis feature that checks the post for everything from alt tags to subheadings.

WordPress and it’s plugins make for an amazing range of very beneficial add-ons and mean there is no excuse for a badly optimised blog. 

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