The average reach of a post created by a Facebook page has been on a bit of a decline recently. The organic reach of a Facebook page has shrunk to a mere 2% according to a study by Ogilvy. So how do you get your message across? Sponsored stories is one way to increase your reach, but to really get people coming back to your page regularly you need to do a little bit more than that.

The answer: gamification!

gamification-1 7 Simple Steps to Gamify Your Facebook Fan Page

Gamification is the use of game design techniques in a non-game context, in order to create a more engaging experience. It encourages users to take actions that were otherwise too dry. You can apply these techniques to your social media communities to retain followers and fans while increasing your reach.


First things first: make sure you are engaging any users that are active on your Facebook page. Let no comment go unanswered and respond to any incoming messages or wall posts as soon as you can. This creates a base for your gamification strategy. What’s the point in trying to gain more fans if you are not making an effort to retain the fans you already have?


Keeping your followers stimulated is crucial! Ask their opinion on a subject, use polls, or just ask if they like something or dislike it. You would be surprised by how just a few extra words can make your posts all that more engaging. You can track who actively participates in these discussions and reward them with badges, points or even free swag!


Let your fans compete with each other. Run a caption contest and let other users decide a winner. By letting people participate, you are giving them a reason to come back to your page to check on their comment or caption and what others are saying about it.

Leader Boards

You can also get help from some third party tools to create leader boards. These apps keep track of all the social media activity on your page and let users compete for a top position as a fan of the week and fan of the month.


Take it to the real world by challenging your audience to take an action and post it on your page. Maybe take a selfie at your storefront or spot a hidden message in one of your ads. This can be encouraged further with the offer of discounts or rewards.

Gamifying your Social Media at Events

People love to tweet and check-in at events and conferences, but there’s always a chance they will type in the hashtag wrong or get distracted by something else. To encourage maximum participation from your social media savvy attendees, announce a prize for someone who has been the most participative or for those who are daring to go the extra mile, add challenges and let them compete for a dinner with the speakers!

Offers & Rewards

Last but not least! Make sure there is something for your audience to win. It could be discount codes, free swag or free products. Winners of caption contests, leader boards or challenges should be ‘crowned’ at the end of these competitions.

These are only a few of the many ways in which you can gamify your social media communities. Do you have any to add? Let us know in the comments section below.