The Japanese Government May Have Found A Cure For Internet Addiction

The Japanese Ministry of Education has come up with a rather extreme approach to treating internet addiction in teenagers; “fasting camps”. These will take the form of “outdoor learning centres” without access to wifi, where participants will be encouraged to engage with others through games and sports.
Mashable reported on this story this week, although a representative of the Ministry spoke to The Daily Telegraph back in August: “We estimate [internet addiction] affects around 518,000 children at middle and high schools across Japan, but that figure is rising and there could be far more cases, because we don’t know about them all.”
While this is an issue that has an impact on young people all over the world, the Japanese government is particularly troubled by it. According to Mashable, “much of Japanese culture values conformity, while emerging online communities celebrate uniqueness.”

Yahoo Unveils Katie Couric As Global Anchor

Yahoo has seemingly moved on from acquiring popular online properties and is now in the habit of poaching journalistic talent. Katie Couric, a household name in the States, has been named the “face of Yahoo News” in a blog post by CEO Marissa Mayer: “Starting in early 2014, Katie will lead a growing team of correspondents at Yahoo News who will cover the world’s most interesting stories and newsmakers.” Other recent hires include The New York Times’s Matt Bai, David Pogue, Megan Liberman and Virginia Heffernan. “We are investing in bringing our users the absolute best content and video experiences available,” promises Mayer, “and this is just the beginning!”

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Time Calls On Twitter Users To Help Find Person Of The Year

And as the gap between traditional journalism and online content continues to close, Time has allowed Twitter users to get in on the decision-making process for 2013’s Person of the Year. Anyone can vote for their favourite candidate using the hashtag #TIMEPOY, before December 4th, when the editorial team at Time will then make the final decision (however, the number of votes will only be a factor for consideration; it will not determine the final selection). Nominees include activist Malala Yousafzai, new-born royal Prince George, professional shock artist Miley Cyrus, and whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

Bitcoin Black Friday

There’s been no avoiding the fact that our American pals celebrated Thanksgiving this week. Which in the world of e-commerce means only one thing: Black Friday, the shopping frenzy that occurs every year after everyone is done giving thanks. This year, a wide range of retailers enabled their customers to use digital currency Bitcoin on special deals. Notably, mobile gift card app Gyft gave Bitcoin users percentage points back when they bought gift cards from big names like Target, Gap and Nike.
Bitcoin has had a long and arduous journey towards credibility – might this inclusion in the festive retail period be a sign of things to come? Perhaps, but until retail giants like Amazon and eBay get in on the action, Bitcoin will in all likelihood stay on the sidelines.

What Were Tech CEOs Thankful For This Year?

Ever wonder what the Mark Zuckerbergs and Marissa Mayers of the world express their gratitude for on Thanksgiving? Well now, thanks to a superb webcomic by Nitrozac and Snaggy over at The Joy Of Tech, there’s no more need to speculate. Enjoy!