Apple Buying Beats

It has been revealed that Apple is in talks with headphones maker Beats Electronics in regards to a potential £1.9 billion take over. If the acquisition goes ahead, it will be the biggest yet for Apple.

Buying Beats, which was originally created back in 2008 by Dr Dre and music producer Jimmy lovine, would most likely signify a huge change in direction, in terms of strategy, for Apple and CEO Tim Cook.

APple-Beats-1 Saturday Social – Apple Buying Beats, Google's New Classroom and Amazon Twitter Shopping

Apple already runs the iTunes Radio service and the take over of Beats would give them extra power in their on-going battle against rivals such as Spotify and Pandora. Steve Jobs famously transformed the music world with the invention of iTunes and iPods, so this could just be another step in that fast moving industry.

Google Introduces Classroom

As part of its “Google Apps for Education” service, the tech giant is now launching “Classroom”, as a centralised place teachers and students can come together to create, organise and work on assignments.

The service is currently not available to everyone, but will allow teachers to distribute and receive assignments paperlessly, and then provide students with feedback in a quick and efficient manner.

Teachers will now be able to assign work to different students in real-time and answer any questions they have about it. The service will be available to everyone from September onwards but some will be able to apply for an early preview.

Google-Classroom Saturday Social – Apple Buying Beats, Google's New Classroom and Amazon Twitter Shopping

Could Layer Take Over Messaging?

At the moment, people send messages through services such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, but this could all change in the next couple of years. A new platform called Layer aims to change the way we chat forever.

Run by the guy who created Google Voice, Layer will be used to put messages and calling services into any app available. This means that where you are playing a game or on a dating app, you will still be able to message your friends.

Layer’s extensive communication system will work by adding a few lines of code to popular apps, allowing users to message one another. Over 5,000 developers have so far requested to try the software, and some apps such as Povio, are already using it.

Amazon Introduces Cart Tweeting

Ever wished that you could shop via Twitter? Well Amazon are now making that dream a reality. The online retailer is introducing a new service that will allow users on Twitter to add a product to their Amazon shopping cart using only the social network.

To use the service, Amazon members must link their account with their Twitter profile and then use the hashtag #AmazonBasket in reply to a tweet containing a product link from Amazon that they wish to buy.

Once they have done that, the product will automatically be added to their basket ready to checkout whenever they are ready. They will then get a reply from @MyAmazon to confirm that it has been added to their basket, as well as an email confirmation. This could truly revolutionise the way we shop online.