Auditing of Facebook pages on a regular basis is a necessity. The speed of change in social media requires page managers to be eagle eyed if they hope to stay abreast of all the latest developments on a social media site. So, cutting to the chase, here’s a list of ten different key items that should be up to date to maximise your page’ potential

Cover Image

If you haven’t heard Facebook recently loosened its terms and conditions surrounding the cover image and what can be added. It’s now perfectly okay to post web addresses, calls to action and add things that draw attention to tabs below the image. Just ensure that these additions take up no more than 20% of the area.

blog-image-1 How Audit your Facebook Business Page

Profile Picture

Profile images are the thing people see first and most and are visible when you post, share, Like etc. So, to reinforce your brand image ensure that you use your company logo as your profile pic. Upload it at 180×180 pixels and, if you can, try and incorporate it creatively with the cover picture.

Page Description

Why not make the most of the description area on your page? Yes, there are only 155 characters to use, but that’s still enough for a succinct who, why, what description. Add your web address here too.


The thumbnail image area that links to your brand page apps offer a great opportunity for more custom branding. For best effect, use easy to read fonts and clear calls to action that use only a few words. Clarity is central to success so don’t be too smart for your own good.


This brings us onto the apps that you offer. Ideally, you should provide tab apps that boost engagement by allowing users to perform actions such as entering competitions, sign-up for mailing lists, or take free trials of products or services.

Custom URL

More brands than you’d imagine still have numbers as their URL rather than a custom page address. Why not take a look here and you can see how easy it is to customise your page’s address.


Local businesses can benefit most from choosing the ‘Local Business’ category as it allows them to add the check-in option to their page. Of course, that’s once they have a physical address.

There are numerous advantages here. Firstly, it allows people to check-in – something that can raise significant awareness among customer’s friends. For instance, when a person checks-in it shows up on their friends’ timelines. The chance of these friends clicking through to the business the poster is visiting is far higher than it is for any other form of Facebook timeline post their friend.

In addition, check-in is an integral part of Graph Search. So, if you were hypothetically looking for restaurants in a city through Facebook search those that your friends had checked-in at would come towards the top of the results.

About Us and Search

Optimising the About section and the areas related to it is essential for SEO so make sure it contains your keywords and is optimised for address, city and country.

Admins Review

So many businesses overlook this issue, still allowing old employees access to their Facebook page. This can leave a business open to all sorts of obvious problems, so ensure only those who are trusted still have access. If needs be it is possible to provide varying degrees of access too – take a look here.

Your Notifications

You’d be amazed at the number of companies who need to alter this area. Of course, the simplest iron clad way to ensure you get all notifications is to turn them all on, however this may not be the case, so take a look and fix your settings up so they suit your brand.

Following the above tips will go someway to ensuring you are getting the most from Facebook and its features