pinterest-B2B B2B Marketing on Pinterest: Does it Work?Everyone loves pretty pictures but what if you market to other businesses?

As you surely know by now, Pinterest, the image-driven social media site, has proved to be an enormous hit this year and online marketers have really started to get in on the act. Whilst this is great if you sell attractive products, is it worth ‘pinning’ if you only deal on a B2B basis?

pinterest-B2B-1 B2B Marketing on Pinterest: Does it Work?

Well yes, whilst consumer-based businesses are finding success on Pinterest and are more likely to get a sale than from Facebook, it can work for B2B too. Well, the sheer success and rapidity that Pinterest has seen this year must at least have you sitting up and taking notice, especially if you factor in that Pinterest is driving more traffic than Google these days (yes really).

At MySocialAgency, we have used Pinterest from the beginning and have numerous boards centered around our favorite topics of content and tech, our two main business interests as primarily as a digital marketing and social media agency.

Does it work? – B2B Marketing on Pinterest

Very often yes, we have loads of repins and the odd comment. Have we got any business from it? Not really as yet, it’s got us noticed, and at least and we have a few followers which is our main aim as a social media marketing agency.

However, it’s obviously going to be different for B2B; say you run an engineering firm and make parts for business machinery, is anyone going to repin that? One of your clients might, but Pinterest is all about pretty pictures and for the B2B marketer, infographics.

Just like any other social media campaign, the key to Pinterest is gaining engagement – so this means you have to interact with others, repin their content, comment, encourage users to look at your pins.

Whilst infographics are one of the most noticeable and re-pinned type of content on Pinterest, don’t just post these and use as your main source of content. If you have a blog (if not, why not?) then ensure that you use good images within it, the title is catchy and pin it. This way people will click through to your blog if they have an interest in your industry and there you have it – more traffic.

Below are the MySocialAgency top traffic referral figures for the past 6 months. Not bad. Unlike a lot of other social media agencies, we don’t believe in making an account on a social network just for the sake of it. Being in the top 15 referrers to our site our Pinterest profile is certainly worth having and with over 250 visits, it goes to show that Pinterest is not a place solely for retailers.

pinterest-traffic1 B2B Marketing on Pinterest: Does it Work?


Likewise, funny images, slightly silly ones even more so attract a lot of interest and you should mix up your content as much as possible, making it industry relevant, and providing a click back to your site, or source. You don’t always have to drive visitors to your site, but provide interesting images that point to a good, sound interesting source and you will attract more followers and gain through association.

What else can I do? – B2B Marketing on Pinterest

Interact, as mentioned. If you have no real products to sell it really doesn’t matter, you’re marketing your company personality more than anything and this should be friendly, open and engaging.

If you produce whitepapers or eBooks, then ensure you have a great cover to place as an image on Pinterest and a link to the content; a simple call to action that can really work. Think graphically and keep colours interesting and bright. A lot of the content on the site is for products such as clothing and bags so make sure yours stands out as much of the time, these types of products can be dull, colour-wise.

Be inventive, pin content you find interesting to your industry and remember to add a catchy line or two to really catch the reader’s eye. Pinterest is no longer for ladies planning shopping trips and weddings, it’s a powerful marketing tool that continues to experience growth and a solid reputation.

With the new private boards, you and your co-workers can even collaborate on what content you like and share ideas, so what are you waiting for? Formulate a plan and get pinning!

We would love to see some examples of how you are running B2B marketing on Pinterest. Let us know via the comments or follow MySocialAgency on Pinterest here.