web-video Better Online Video Ideas and How to Optimise for themDid you know that a video is around 50 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page than a text only page is? This statistic makes video a far more lucrative option than text when it comes to gaining online visibility and because of the way technology is, it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

There are so many other reasons that video is something to be revered. Unlike only a few years ago when video was almost solely an offline medium that had very limited access. Nowadays, thanks to video archive sites such as YouTube and Vimeo we have it at hand. Add to this the ease of sharing and synergy social media brings and there are plenty of opportunities and reasons to place it in your marketing mix.

 Better Online Video Ideas and How to Optimise for them

So, what are the things you need to really take account of when hoping to create a quality online video?


The first thing you need to do is to provide education for those potential customers. Your focus here should be in showcasing how your product creates value and is a credible item that they will want to place in their shopping cart.


People often have questions about products and in most cases these will be the same or similar questions. Use a short video to answer 7-10 of these queries.

Case Studies

Showcase successes in video case studies as this helps with credibility and shows your worth. Compare successes and failures, contrasting your method against others. In addition, why not add testimonials from satisfied clients.


Narration of a story that provides details and information on your business is a great way to get into people’s memories. Facts and figures are often dull, but a well told story of your business’s origins, seldom is.


Many industries have myths and an element of the mysterious around them – use a video to demystify these.

Behind the Scenes

By taking viewers behind the scenes of your business and showing them what you do, you showcase your business as personable and also reveal interesting tales about your product and services that people tend to watch.

After all of this, you can then take a look at comments, reactions and feedback and in many cases follow up the video with a supplementary video – another opportunity.

Of course, a video is often only as good as how well it’s optimised and YouTube videos need a number of tweaks to enhance their chance of being seen. Here are some things to remember:

•  Optimise video and title description for keywords. This should be 66 characters long and also catchy – which can be tricky.
•  In addition, add a link to your site in the larger description below the video to drive traffic to your site.
•  Include 5-7 tags relevant to the video
•  Gain inbound links by embedding the video to a source outside your blog. This will help with rankings greatly.
•  Remember that rankings are based on views too, so a quality video and good optimisation creates a win-win situation
•  Likes and comments also are a positive

youtube-mobile Better Online Video Ideas and How to Optimise for them

So, take notice of these tips and your YouTube videos should be better quality, more intriguing and also better optimised than ever before.

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