People are busy, constantly busy. If they’re not working, they’re commuting, if they’re not commuting, they’re taking care of daily tasks like eating and showering. If they’re not doing any of the above, they’re relaxing and don’t want to be interrupted. So when can your business find time to reach them? How do you connect them with your services and products?

Since you can’t add extra hours into a day, you need to make the most of the existing ones. Find ways to be involved without being intrusive. We’re aware this all sounds a bit oxymoronic, when in reality, you just have to get creative.

bigstock-Isolated-Microphone-2432326 Why your business should be involved with podcasts

For this reason, we’re examining why podcasts are great for your business, how they can generate exposure for you, and including some simple ways you can get involved.

Leverage the background

The beauty of podcasts is that they don’t require 100% of the listener’s attention. In an ideal world, they’d be devoting their entire mind to consuming your content. But it’s rare that people ever do. Even reading this, some of you will be skimming the subheadings, or listening to music as you read. As you create content, you should always be aware of what challenges and obligations your audience is facing, and it’s no different for podcasts.

If you’re trying to figure out when your prospective audience will have time to listen to you, it’s fairly simple; they can be listening to podcasts whenever they might be listening to the radio. Many podcast listeners will tell you that they use their morning commute as a time to be learning. Fewer will tell you that they’re listening whilst they’re in the shower, it seems weirdly personal to express it, nevertheless, it’s true. Podcasts are also ideal for when the audience is going about their day to day life. Cooking dinner for the kids, doing DIY… you get the idea.

Podcasts are great for passive consumption, and the information can still sink in, so long as you’re presenting it in the right way.

You don’t have to love the camera

Every so often, the idea of doing vlog content comes up at My Social Agency. It’s fun, engaging, and a great way to make SEO engaging, but it never comes to light. Why? Well, the biggest reason is that none of our team want to be in front of a camera. People think being a vlogger is easy, then you ask them to act natural in front of a camera and it all falls apart. With a podcast, there’s less to worry about. It’s just a well structured conversation, and you can have a script if that makes you feel better.

You’re part of a conversation

Just remember that podcasts don’t exist in isolation, it’s about having and encouraging a healthy conversation around a subject. If you spend an hour talking about the advantages of a product or service, you’re going to get a mix of responses. Some are going to be really positive and asking for more detailed answers to questions. Others are going to be saying why they believe rivals and competitors are better. All of this is natural and good, you need only be concerned if the comments and feedback are regularly not in your favour.

How to get involved

We’re not focussing on how to set up your podcast today, that’s a post all of its own. Instead, we’re giving you the run down on how you can get involved, with varying levels of effort.

Be a sponsor

The easiest way to be involved with a podcast without contributing real time or brain power is to become a sponsor. This doesn’t mean you’re selling out to just involving yourself with smaller podcasts! Even the most prolific podcasts rely on sponsors, anyone who listens to Tim Ferriss or Tony Robbins’ podcasts knows that a sponsor will usually be plugged or mentioned at the start and end of the episode.

Being a sponsor for a podcast which is connected to your existing audience or ideal client base is a great way to reach more people. Listeners come to podcasts during all stages of the buying process:

  • Looking for information
  • Considering the possible solutions
  • Choosing to make a purchase

Whether it’s casual interest, or a continual interest in a subject, podcasts are uniquely positioned to reach people at every stage. Often, creators will talk about the effect of using their sponsors on a personal level, which is great social proof for you. The bigger the creator and the more respected they are in a given field, the more influence their recommendation will have.

Of course, being a sponsor means that you’ll either need to contribute money, or your service to the creator. This isn’t a way of getting a free mention, expect to give in order to get.

Be a guest

How much do you know about your industry? Would you call yourself an expert? If you can say ‘yes’ to that second question, then it’s time to start practising your radio voice. Whether it’s on a local or national scale, appearing as a guest on podcasts can help broaden your company’s audience base. It can also help you expand your own personal presence, as listener’s turn to you for answers to their relevant questions.

Being a guest also gives you the chance to directly advertise your products or services. The host will typically introduce both the guest and their company in order to establish credibility. Later, there’s the chance to explain how your company solves various problems, and what sets you apart from the crowd. At the end you can provide links to your own website, and offer a promotion should you so wish. Don’t worry that no one will remember a link they’re read, links are usually placed in the description of the episode. It’s up to you to liaise with the creator as to which links are placed where.

However you choose to get involved, make sure your services are being shown in the best possible light. Rehearse, be ready for difficult questions, and try to relax.