It is the age of digital to be sure but, believe it or not, there are still some businesses operating with outdated web platforms that could actually be doing them more harm than good.

Is your website working for or against you?

First you need to question whether your current web platform is actually generating the sales, enquiries or brand awareness that your business needs to support a healthy growth strategy. Many people have fallen into the trap of having a website for the sake of it. You may think yours looks pretty or was really cheap but if it doesn’t generate those sales and enquiries then it’s not a good website. A really cheap website is a poor investment as it will give you nothing back.

new_website Why your business needs and deserves a new website

So how could a new website support and work for your business?

Well there are actually a few essential components that are a must for all websites and missing out on any of these could seriously reduce the effectiveness of your website. A good website design company should advise you to include all of these within the structure of your website or better yet, include them as standard.

Here is an outline of the 5 essential components that your website must have to give you the return on investment you require.

1. Efficient

Your business could be losing customers if your website is outdated. That is why it is key to have a quick, efficient way of adding new relevant content to your website to help build trust in your brand and maintain strong engagement and relationships with your target audience. This content could be anything from blogs and projects to case studies and galleries. Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress can really help out with this and at My Social Agency we can offer you full training on how to use your new CMS before we launch.

2. Responsive:

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few years you will know that touch screen devices like smart phones and tablets are taking over, Google announced not too long ago that most people check their mobile devices more than 150 times per day. The total number of users now doing initial research and going on to make enquiries or purchases on these devices has grown dramatically over the last 2 years, now surpassing PC’s, and 61% of users will leave your website immediately if it’s not responsive and is hard to use.

Responsive-web-design-devices Why your business needs and deserves a new website

3. Optimised:

As Google’s algorithms keep developing, it is now key that all websites are built with on-page Search Engine Optimised in place to ensure compliance with the most recent algorithm release. All good digital agencies should now include this as standard for no additional cost. When speaking with any agency about SEO pay no attention to ones that want to discuss meta keyword stuffing and links which are outdated as these may earn you a punishment from the search engines. Instead, divert your attention to agencies that will discuss with you the importance of up-to-date relevant content and maintaining an active presence on social media as part of your search strategy.

4. Engaging:

With the current rise in online website builders, many websites are starting to look the same and users are forgetting which websites they’ve even visited. It’s hard to get new business without unique selling points and a bespoke designed website will go some way to highlight your uniqueness and how your service differs from the competition.

5. Focused:

At MSA our mantra is building sites that drive conversions. A conversion might be a lead or an enquiry, or a download. For an e-commerce site sales are the key conversion goal. Knowing what your primary conversion goals are, and then building your site with a laser-like focus to deliver those conversions, will deliver a successful online presence and the basis for your digital marketing. Optimising the user journeys on the site, such as enquiry forms, or the shopping cart checkout process, will significantly increase the number of users who complete, and drive up conversions, leads and sales.

To summarise, then, as is the case with all your marketing activities, there needs to be a defined purpose for your website and this focus will act as the guide so you can achieve objectives rather than stabbing in the dark or having a web presence for the sake of it. By bearing in mind the five pillars outlined above while staying focused on the end goal you are much more likely to have a site that works hard for you. For expert help in developing a mobile responsive site that ticks all the boxes, you can always contact MSA and we will be happy to help.