social-media-wake-up-call Calls to Action and Social MediaAs any marketer worth their salt will know, creating a strong call to action (CTA) is a vital part of any campaign or promotional material. However, many businesses that use social media fail to realise this and post irrelevant updates that don’t hook their audience.

Calls to action create leads, which in turn create sales, so ignore them at your peril. The idea of a CTA is to tempt visitors to your site or social media profiles by engaging them. This primes the potential customer and is more likely to result in a sale.

social-media-wake-up-call-1 Calls to Action and Social Media

Add to this that social posts with a strong CTA will also attract more interaction, improving the authority of the profile, and you have even more reason to use one.

Grab your follower’s attention

A CTA should be something that encourages the reader to share a post, or at least like or leave a comment. Common CTAs include simple words, such as ‘click here’, comment below and suchlike. However, the more inventive you can be the better and sometimes, a good post that affects the emotions will gain good shares with a simple ‘please share’.

This means that you have to know your target audience, what they want and like, in order to get their attention. This doesn’t mean that every single post or tweet should include a CTA, or that you should include more than one in each post. A social post should have one strong CTA if it’s to be successful, quality is definitely preferable to quantity here.

A good marketing plan will know its target audience anyway and for the best results, CTAs should ideally be decided upon during the planning process.

Think about:

Why the visitor has arrived at your post, what do they hope to gain?
How content can increase your following
How you can create a great ‘hook’
What action you want users to take
Optimizing your social CTA

This should also be carried out alongside your content strategy planning for best results, get yourself an editorial calendar together so that you know exactly where you’re headed. Social also depends on frequent updates, so ensure that a member of staff is allocated for social and blogging. After all, it’s not much use providing a CTA for a blog that’s only updated once in a blue moon.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that your initial efforts will pay off, so it’s also worth looking at how you will measure the success of the CTAs that you use. This will allow you to change tactics somewhere down the line if necessary.

Think about content delivery

It’s worthwhile providing a form of some description that will allow followers to sign up for a newsletter or to get the latest articles that you publish. Not only will this help to build an email marketing list, it will also ensure that your content remains fresh in the reader’s mind.

When posting updates, remember that it’s really best to behave like a human being; use humour, offer advice, inspire people but whatever you do, don’t be dull. Images are popular as they’re so easy to take in and whilst a good proportion of them must be relevant to your industry, funny pics do especially well and will boost shares.

It’s also worth keeping up with what your audience is enjoying right now by using Google Keyword Tool to find out current popular keywords and long tail phrases are being searched for.

facebook-call-to-action Calls to Action and Social Media

Motivate your audience

By making special offers and suchlike time sensitive, you can prompt the reader into taking immediate action. Your CTA should also be clear, with good visuals or even audio to really give it a boost.

Offering a free ebook is a great way to build a list of leads too, so have one written and ensure that you publicise it across all social platforms. This has value to the user and also prompts them to visit your site, fill in important information and download the content.

It’s also a good idea to maintain brand consistency by ensuring that all landing pages use the same colours, fonts and logos as your social profiles. This will leave the customer in no doubt who you are and looks altogether more professional and therefore trustworthy.

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