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CTA: Visualising Data in Infographics

Infographic Design

The Brief

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation (CTA) is an international institution of the African, Caribbean and Pacific. Having garnered global respect for transforming lives in these regions, they required My Social Agency to give their work a digital boost through a series of infographics.  

CTA’s brief was to visualise a large amount of data from their popular Brussels Briefing event to fit seamlessly into an online marketing strategy we had previously formulated for them. The infographics had to be clear and concise, allowing the facts and figures to be easily digestible and enjoyable to peruse.

The Strategy

We elected to split the data available into four distinctive infographics, establishing the overall visual formation and key points to include in each. Upon starting the project, we were presented with hundreds of pages of data on each of the four complex topics. This data was broken down into key points and facts over many hours and even more coffee!

Interactivity was also integral to ensure a stand-out presence once published onsite. But, we also wanted dynamism that was easy to explore, eye-catching through crisp execution, and adherence to brand guidelines to ensure our work was on-point.

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What our client thinks about our work:

I would be delighted to recommend MySocialAgency, they listen to our needs and requirements and are very flexible to meet these. The quality of work delivered is excellent and exactly what we were looking for from a digital marketing agency
Therese Burke - Marketing Programme Coordinator - CTA Therese Burke - Marketing Programme Coordinator - CTA