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Lazy Dogz

Agile Digital Marketing

The Brief

Lazy Dogz are a premium slipper company, who came to MSA looking to increase their online sales through an eCommerce project. The company approached us after online sales over the past 2 years had not performed as well as they had initially hoped for. Their website had been developed and had incredible aesthetics, but the conversion rate was far too low. The troubles started from the point that they were struggling to get traffic to the site in the first place, and then had even more issues when trying to get the traffic to convert to sales.

What attracted Lazy Dogz to My Social Agency is our agile approach to digital marketing. Agile marketing means Lazy Dogz wouldn’t be constrained to a single strategy, multiple elements could be tested and then optimised or dropped as needed. Our challenge was to increase Lazy Dogz’s overall conversion rate, and as a result, boost eCommerce sales.

The Strategy

The biggest challenge we faced was the budget we had to work with. As with any start up brand, budgets are limited, and our various tests and efforts were constrained by the amount of money we had to test with. Fortunately, we were able to exclude certain tests, as we had the data which showed what mediums had not converted well in the past, including Facebook advertising.

Our strategy was first focused on determining what kinds of marketing would attract the most inbound leads in the shortest period of time. To do this, we tested multiple advertising forms and refined the audiences that were being targeted on various social platforms. The second issue that we were tasked with tackling was the low conversion rate. Whilst we already knew that Facebook advertising does not convert well, we created product videos anyway, so that viewers could get a feel for the quality of Lazy Dogz’s products. After this was done, we moved forwards by utilising a mix of organic SEO, social media marketing, content marketing and paid media as part of the campaign.

Lazy Dogz - Example Work
Lazy Dogz - Example Work

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