Brands tend to pay a relatively high price to secure good TV advertising in an attempt to attract more customer purchases. The interaction between television and social media has been discussed at length and research has shown how strong the relationship is truly becoming.

Chirpify has now taken that a step further by introducing #Actiontags to make it much easier for consumers to buy products or respond to a campaign that they see. They are bridging the gap between the world of traditional print and TV advertising.

Chirpify1-1 How Chirpify's #Actiontags Could Change TV Ads Forever

The Portland based startup introduced the #Actiontag feature yesterday, allowing companies and brands to bring together the power of social media and TV in an attempt to create a completely new shopping channel.

Chirpify aim to make TV a two way conversation, with brands advertising and consumers being able to respond by creating conversation and making direct purchases. CEO, Chris Teso, said:

“We’ve added a ‘yes’ button to traditional media. Never before has TV been activated as a two-way form of communication where consumers can respond immediately and get something in return, based on a hashtag they saw on TV,”

To use the #Actiontags, brands include a relevant hashtag within their adverts or campaigns using either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Consumers can then use that hashtag in one of their social media posts and receive a link through to a page that will allow them to purchase the item or find out further information about the campaign.

Oreo was the first big brand to use #Actiontags on TV back in January 2014, during the Grammy awards. They included a hashtag during one of the commercials and said that the first 20,000 people who responded using the #Actiontag would receive some free cookies sent directly to their house.

Without naming names, Chirpify said that a “recent brand campaign featured Chirpify’s #actiontags in a prime-time TV commercial,” and managed to drive 5,000 tweet an hour, as well as trending on Twitter.

Screen-Shot-2014-03-04-at-10.12.26 How Chirpify's #Actiontags Could Change TV Ads Forever

Other brand campaigns that took place at the tail end of 2013 by the likes of Forever 21, AT&T, Lenovo and Sprint, saw over 300,000 consumers use #Actiontags to buy or sample a product. Chirpify have reported that 65% of consumers that do use an #Actiontag then go on to complete a conversion.

It is unknown just how many brands will be starting campaigns when #Actiontags for TV officially launches, but Chief Revenue Officer, Kevin Tate, says that there has been a great amount of interest shown by a range of companies including retailers, sports brands and packaged goods companies.