There’s a big difference between satisfying a customer and creating enough fire or a passion in the customer that they become promoters of your product. However, if you want to create brand advocates that’s just what you have to do.

Brand advocates are the ultimate customer. Not only do they buy your brand’s items or services with enthusiastic fervour, but they also admire, advocate and recommend your brand to everyone around – they’re super-customers.

how-to-turn-followers-in-advocates-1 How to Create Brand Advocates - A 5 Step Guide

A recent study by Oglivy and some of its partners took account of 7m brand mentions across 23 of the world’s largest brands. The ’How to Build a Global Passion Brand’ study essentially came up with five big takeaways about how to encourage people to say great things about your brand on social media and further afield.

What Creates Advocacy

One of the interesting takeaways from the study was that you need to differentiate the drivers for advocacy. Satisfaction with a brand does not necessarily bring about a passion and the two are very different things.

Listening to customers and the way they talk about the little things that make your brand different and the things they like and then focusing and improving on them, helps create this evangelism. Uncover what they love and they talk about and then use them in outreach to the clients and potential advocate prospects.

What’s Unique?

What do you offer that other brands in your area don’t offer? What are your brand strengths and what makes your brand different and better. Focus and emphasise these to make your brand stand out.

The Product’s Features

One of the most interesting things that came across in the study was that the actual features a product has are the main factor that drives advocacy. Including the key features of a product or a service is the best way globally to create advocacy. Using your product’s unique features drives advocacy more-so than anything else on a global level and is the biggest driver.

The Positive, the Negative and the Neutral

Monitoring the sentiment of customers on social media is a great way to gauge how your business is going. However, by using systems that monitor the levels of any of these three forms of sentiment you get a better idea of how the customer feels. The best way to achieve this is to track the sentiment levels over time and in conjunction with different changes in the product, marketing and other areas. Ripples here will allow you a clearer view of what is affecting the company the most and what’s worth pushing to a further degree.


Reach out on a one to one level and talk to your advocates. Asking them why they choose you, why they like your brands and make it easier for them to showcase and share positive brand opinions across social media. These sorts of personable promotions really help push your business forward.

So, take these five steps into account if you’re looking to improve on your brand advocacy and make more of your business.