When it comes to content marketing, many people struggle to know where they should begin, especially if writing is not their strong point. Content may be king, but that doesn’t mean all content has to be text heavy.

Although writing it a great way to convey information and share advice when it comes to content, the concept of writer’s block is fairly common and your team can end up feeling stressed out if they have to adhere to a tight content calendar that only involves writing long copy every day.

Content-Types-1 How to Create Content Without Writing a Word

There are many different types of content that can be created, and it can in fact be the non-text based content that gets higher engagement levels and shares. If you don’t know where to begin, then here are a few ideas to bolster your content strategy:

Images and Pictures

The obvious place to start if you aren’t going to be using any text in your content is with pictures. There are tons of different ways you can use pictures and images to create content, you just need to make sure it is of interest to your audience.

Use pictures to give your consumers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your business, or why not ask them to send you a picture of themselves with your product to be used in a gallery. You can also use a bit of humour and create some memes, or if you are feeling super creative you could even create an industry relevant comic strip.


Music and songs may not be directly related to your industry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to help generate content. Why not make a work playlist and ask your audience which their favourite song on the list is.

Another idea is to create playlists for your audience, for example, music for the gym or music for the weekend. You could even create a public playlist and let them contribute their favourite songs. This will help show your audience a more human side behind your business and involve them in your content.


Another great way to create engaging content in a fast and efficient manner is by using quotes. There are thousands of different quotes out there, some famous and some less well known, but you can easily search for quotes around your industry or your audience’s interests and share them on your blog.

A great way to display a quote is by finding a relevant picture and using the quote as an overlay to give it a bit of context. Be sure to always credit whoever created the quote if you use it on your website though.

Round Ups

A great way to create content without writing a word is to round up a selection of existing content that has been popular. You could, for example, do a weekly round up of news that has been of interest in your industry, just by providing the links in a blog post.

You don’t have to use just links though, videos and pictures can also work really well and can also provide your audience with a quick, but interesting, break from what they are doing to check out your content. Think “funniest dog videos of the week” or “Monday’s most viewed memes”.

Slide Deck

A slide deck is a great way to create great content without having to write a load of text. You can either create one yourself or you could just embed an interesting and relevant presentation you have already seen onto your website or blog.

If you are going to make one yourself, then think about what you want to present and where you are going to find the information. A great idea is to conduct a survey on a particular topic and then present the results using a range of graphs and statistics in a presentation.


A very simple way to create industry relevant content is to interview influencers who are of interest to your audience. Alternatively you could interview your audience and ask them a variety of questions that are of interest and relevant to your product or service.

It’s as easy as sending out an email with a few questions in, or creating an online form that can be submitted when they are done. Don’t go overboard and ask too many questions though, because if you want them to send back written answers you don’t it to take too long and put them off. This unique content will then generate interest and possibly be promoted by the influencers themselves.