One thing we know a lot of businesses struggle with is finding intriguing ways to interest and then direct people to their blogs.

You know how it is, you spend ages preparing, researching and then writing a blog and it receives no shares – pretty disheartening. However, we’ve come up with a number of ways to create a buzz around your post and engage the reader.

creative-ways-to-increase-blog-traffic-1 Creative Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

More Media

Think of all the posts you get on your Facebook page – you’ll seldom read them unless there is a compelling reason to do so. Being creative here can help notably and in this world of multimedia there’s plenty of ways to achieve this:

  • Dubbler – we’ve mentioned this app before – it’s essentially the audio version of Vine. You get 60 seconds to record a voice message and can share it within the Dubbler community. However, it’s also shareable on Facebook and Twitter and you can add an image too and if you want to go Darth Vader on it a voice filter. Use Dubbler to create a buzz around your blog. Your voice can portray emotion and excitement to a far greater degree than words – so utilise this to get a buzz started around your latest post.
  •  Vine – Why not use Vine to create a great six second preview around your post. Vines ability to loop can be utilised to build smart videos that work to create interest. And, with increasing integration for the platform on social media it can really work to get noticed and is far more likely to be shared than the average post.
  • Pinterest – If your blog is of the correct mould then Pinterest can be a fantastic place to promote it. Remember that Pinterest is more about winter dresses than head gaskets – so know your target audience.

Pinning to contributor boards increases your exposure dramatically as others that contribute will see the board and your post. And as ducks of a feather flock together in the world of blogs, you could see some fantastic exposure from some very apt sources. When pinning, be sure to choose a good image and include keywords and hashtags.

It doesn’t have to be online

One interesting story link building guru Eric Ward tells is how he launched a big US network’s blog and impending film campaign. Ward was given the task of promoting a John Wayne film month.

Tasked with how to do it he approached a fan site with a printed and posted newsletter. The fan club owner gladly posted the details of the John Wayne blog and also film month through the newsletter, which was sent to tens of thousands of fans through the post. In the coming month’s interest spiked and the whole campaign was a huge hit.

The lesson here is that depending on your industry, you don’t always have to look online to promote blogs or sites – there’s often plenty of ways to do so offline too if you do some research and get talking to the right people.

So, take these innovative ways to promote your posts and you should see your traffic flourish.

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