Afternoon, all. How are you?

I don’t mind telling you that I’m feeling better than last week – man-flu is a terrible ailment, as only around 50% of you will ever truly appreciate (seriously). But before I allow myself to wander any further down that snotty and controversial path, let me divert your attention quickly towards the latest digital marketing offerings from our favourite networks.

computer-1185626_640 Endorsements, Scheduling and the Pin Collective: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

LinkedIn has been updating its endorsement features, Facebook has introduced broadcast scheduling for Facebook Live, and Pinterest has unveiled something called the Pin Collective…

Intrigued? Excited? Well, ladies, pour yourselves another cup of Lemsip, and gentlemen, cancel that ambulance – Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup has all the remedy you could possibly need to see you ploughing on bravely through another week of digital marketing!

Skills and Endorsements Updates on LinkedIn

Endorsements have been a mainstay of LinkedIn professional marketing since 2012. Getting your connections to endorse you for your skills (some of which you didn’t even know you had) on the network, and having them publicly displayed…. well, that’s a great innovation from the network that it (rightly so) has become famous for.

This week, the team behind LinkedIn have introduced a revamp to the feature, meaning that we should all be able to get even more promotional value out of our profiles.

From the LinkedIn Official blog:

“While many people on LinkedIn use Endorsements, we realized that there was still more to do so we began to rethink the endorsements feature. Delivering endorsements that provide even more value required a blend of research, new machine learning models and re-architecting the backend infrastructure that both serves and recommends new endorsements. These changes to ‘Skills & Endorsements’ means we can better surface the most relevant endorsements that help to validate your skills.”

endorsements-feature-A Endorsements, Scheduling and the Pin Collective: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

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Rather than having all of your endorsements displayed in exactly the same way for each user who views your profile, now LinkedIn have “made endorsements smarter”. This means that those specific endorsements that matter most to the viewer will now be highlighted. These are determined by factors such as mutual connections, colleagues, and endorsements made by those who are determined to be knowledgeable about the particular skill, lending additional credibility.

In addition, the LinkedIn blog tells us that targeting suggested endorsements has been improved, which should mean that more connections will endorse you for the skills you most want to be recognised for. Though here’s the tip the network gives to make this feature work to its best effect:

“Tip: check that your skills are listed in order of the strengths you want to highlight and we’ll do the rest by targeting suggestions for those top skills.”

All in all, a most welcome little update.

Facebook Introduces Broadcast Scheduling for Facebook Live

scheduledlive4 Endorsements, Scheduling and the Pin Collective: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

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Ah, yes – we could scarcely survive a Digital Marketing Roundup without at least one nod towards video marketing.

Facebook Live has introduced a very handy little tool that allows users to schedule live broadcasts for Verified Pages. Here’s the official word:

“Many publishers have told us they want to be able to schedule their live broadcasts so that people on Facebook can plan to tune in. This week we’re rolling out the ability for Verified Pages to schedule live broadcasts, starting with live videos published via the Facebook Live API. Verified Pages can visit their Publishing Tools section to get started scheduling a live video.”

One of the obvious difficulties with live broadcasting is of course letting your audience know when to tune in, but this update has taken a step towards fixing that problem. Each time you schedule a live video, an announcement will be automatically posted to your news feed, letting everyone know that you’ve got something special lined up for them.

In addition, your fans have to option to receive a reminder notification to alert them shortly before you go live.

Facebook tells us that this new scheduling feature will be rolling out for all Facebook Pages in the coming weeks, and for those who use a third party tool to go live, the scheduling features will also be made available for developers “soon”. Sweet.

The New Pin Collective from Pinterest

10.10-pin-collective-blog_1 Endorsements, Scheduling and the Pin Collective: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

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If you’re lucky enough to have a business well suited to Pinterest marketing, then the new Pin Collective could prove very beneficial to you indeed.

Essentially, the Pin Collective is an initiative that connects brands with a hand-selected group of Pinterest’s best content creators. These Pinterest whizz-kids will work directly with businesses to help them produce some of the most engaging posts, specifically designed and optimized for the Pinterest network.

Here’s how the Pinterest official blog puts it:

“Today we’re excited to unveil the Pin Collective, the latest addition to our creative ecosystem. The Pin Collective connects businesses with Pinterest’s best content creators. Our team hand-selected a group of publishers, production shops and independent creators who know the nuances of what makes content successful on Pinterest. These experts will work directly with brands to create content that simultaneously delights Pinners and drives business results. Pin Collective partners can provide end-to-end production for everything from Pins to videos to larger creative initiatives. We’ll help businesses choose the right partner for their specific needs.”

This is quite a hands-on innovation that I think, for the time being at least, is unique to Pinterest in any formal sense (I mean, you can always hire My Social Agency to take care of your social content creations – just saying).

For now, brands pay content creators directly to use this service – how much they charge I’m sure I don’t know, but Pinterest asserts that the network is not taking any payments itself for production “at this stage”.

If you’re interested in experimenting with this service, you’re encouraged to visit the official Pin Collective site for further details, or to email Pinterest directly at hello@ Oh, hang on – I mean Sorry about that – slip of the old typing fingers, there!

That’s it! You can all head back to your non-gender-specific winter illnesses now, and I’ll catch you next time.