June 17th 2016

How’s your week been at the helm of digital marketing? A lot’s been going on across some of our most valuable platforms. It’s almost too much to keep up with.

tree-1148032_640 Facebook Ads Manager, Twitter Insiders, and Snapchat Discover: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

So let’s break it down piece by piece before the weekend, so we can be ready to tweak our campaigns in line with the latest Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat updates when Monday comes round next.

New Updates For Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor

It’s been a busy week for Facebook on the updates front, most notable of which has been the changes made to the Ads Manager and Power Editor – have you noticed?

If you haven’t, then get in your car and drive over to your Facebook For Business page right now!

Facebook has given both of these tools a revamp to make things far easier for marketers to create, optimise and monitor their ad campaigns, which is awfully generous of everyone’s favourites social network as I’m sure you will agree.

Ads Manager

As you park up and jump out of your car, you’ll notice firstly that the performance metrics of your various ad campaigns have been brought right to the forefront of the tool, i.e. to the very same page that you will create and edit your ads. This is all part of the update’s efforts to bring a simplified layout to its analytics functions – now everything is there in one place for the advertiser’s convenience.

11414378_1596160680632402_187187883_n Facebook Ads Manager, Twitter Insiders, and Snapchat Discover: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup
When you begin to play around, you’ll soon see how much more streamlined Facebook Ads Manager has become since the update. By clicking into a campaign, the performance, audience and placement data is displayed right in the centre of the screen, and can be measured easily against your account’s ad spend over the past week.

From here, you can adjust the date range and filter performance data by ad objective, metric, delivery status and other custom options, and even set your account to save and send out reports at set intervals, negating the need to do this manually.

Within this same environment, advertisers can now create and edit multiple ads at once – which is great news for those who are pushed for time (which is all of us, right?). There’s now even a “Create Similar” tool, which allows advertisers to quickly duplicate an ad, ad set or campaign. Great stuff.

Power Editor

The Power Editor tool is of course mainly the reserve of the large business that needs to create and track a multitude of ads all at once. However, I know of many SMEs who make regular use of it, and the updates are worth noting.

11414380_1404890026507461_969137365_n Facebook Ads Manager, Twitter Insiders, and Snapchat Discover: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup
As with the updates to Ads Manager, the new version of Power Editor is largely about improving the functional layout of the tool, making it easier for bulk creation and editing of ads, as well as making it easier for advertisers to find existing ads amongst the multitude.

The edit pane in the new layout gives advertisers more space to work with while creating and editing ads, while at the same time tracking the campaign’s data.

Advertisers can also find ads, ad sets or campaigns faster by searching by name or ID or by filtering by delivery status or objective. There are also new “recently edited” and “recently uploaded” filter options, so recent work is easy to find.

All in all, some simple changes, but nonetheless ones that will save a lot of time, which is always welcome news for marketers.

Twitter Insiders

The traffic reports inform us that the M25 is jammed full circle, so, ditch the car, get your Oyster Card out, and catch the tube over to Twitter and familiarise yourself with the powerful new feature Twitter Insiders.

Described on the Twitter blog as “a one-stop solution for recruitment, design and collection of live research”, the goal of the new project is to “make consumer and market research more timely and accessible.”
This really is exciting news for marketers. Twitter has for a long, long time been a key resource for research, and of course one of the most diverse internet communities where key influencers in all industries can be tracked down, followed and engaged. And now, finally, Twitter has officially acknowledged this particularly important role that it plays in the content marketing sphere, and has produced Twitter Insiders to make access to key research and influencers a whole lot easier.

But what is it exactly?

Well, here’s the explanation provided straight from the bluebird’s mouth:

“Twitter Insiders is a network of more than 12,000 Twitter users that participate in research studies. Aged 16 and up, Twitter Insiders act as an anonymous virtual panel from across the US and UK, inspiring businesses to make more customer-centric decisions. Agencies and their clients can work directly with Twitter Insiders or design studies with the help of CSpace, a team of consultants who specialize in fostering collaboration between companies and their customers.”

TwitterInsiders_Blog_Infographic.001 Facebook Ads Manager, Twitter Insiders, and Snapchat Discover: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Essentially, Twitter Insiders is brand new resource that will help marketers bring the latest research to their audiences. A great tool for optimising campaigns, pitching to new clients, delivering breaking news, or beefing-up blogs, whitepapers, eBooks and articles.

But, perhaps even more importantly, the data that the Twitter Insiders will generate for users will provide key insights that can inform business decisions. Businesses can engage the Twitter Insiders directly, and ask for research on whatever they want.

“When online, Twitter Insiders are always available – so they’re ideal for performing fast, continuous research,” the blog explains. “Our short-term projects take as little as few days to bring back actionable results, opening opportunities for unplanned research.” More great stuff to be experimented with in our future campaigns.

Snapchat Discover

Snapchat is increasingly becoming a more and more important asset in the content marketer’s arsenal. Though still perhaps not top of the list for many SMEs, its rapid growth in popularity over the past couple of years especially means that anyone who hasn’t started exploiting its marketing potential yet are potentially missing out on a massive untapped market.

So, let’s don our lifejackets and catch the boat over to Snapchat, for the most recent update to the platform has just made content a lot more discoverable.

Snapchat’s redesign of its Discover page has changed the way users view and find content provided by publishers in no insignificant way.

Before the update, the Discover Page, well – it wasn’t all that discoverable. Users of the mobile app would have to swipe through a couple of pages, beyond where they can find their friends’ Snaps, to get to the brand’s page where publishers were displayed as colourful bubbles that featured their brand’s logo.

This page, it has to be said, was often ignored by many users of the platform – but now Snapchat has integrated this section with Live Stories in an effort to bring more eyes to the content created by paying publishers, which should indeed give a boost to their traffic.

Screenshot-2016-06-18-at-18.34.56 Facebook Ads Manager, Twitter Insiders, and Snapchat Discover: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

The result of the update presents an almost Pinterest-style page of discoverable content that actively carousels on its own, meaning that the absolute most is made of the space provided.
Furthermore, users can now tap-and-hold to subscribe to a Discover channel, giving publishers a new opportunity to imbed further calls-to-action into their content marketing efforts on the platform.

Ultimately, the goal is to give Snapchat publishers an extra chance to make their content as attractive and, indeed, discoverable as what their friends share on the app. Put simply, there’s never been a better time to start experimenting with Snapchat as a valuable marketing channel.

That’s it for this week! We’ll see you next time – and don’t forget your passports for who knows where you’ll have to fly to next! Cheers all.