fb-newsfeed Facebook Newsfeed – How you can Take Advantage of the Latest ChangesFacebook’s Newsfeed is changing again and the social network released its ‘News Feed FYI blog’ to showcase the changes and the reasons they are being implemented.

One of the most notable figures related to the change is the simple fact that there are over 1500 potential posts for the average user when he or she logs into Facebook. So, it doesn’t take a mathematical genius to understand that calculating the most relevant ones takes notable algorithmic power.

Story Bumping

We’ve often mentioned and discussed the EdgeRank algorithm before and how it uses a mixture of relevance, timing and affinity you have with others. However, the recent Facebook changes now include the addition of ‘Story Bumping’ to that algorithm.

Story Bumping is the part of the equation that pushes popular posts from earlier in the day with a high rate of engagement to the top of a person’s Newsfeed. This factor takes into account the original EdgeRank factors, so things like how often you check Facebook, your number of friends etc.

According to Facebook Story Bump trials saw a 5% increase in engagement rates and an 8% increase in posts seen and a 70% rise in stories read. It’s been rolled on to desktops and will soon arrive on mobile.

Last Actor

This is the second part of the alteration and it takes into account the last 50 activities performed by the person on the site. Once again, Last Actor functions within EdgeRank.

This new factor is supposed to add to the real time responsiveness of Facebook and gives more weight to the more recent engagements and interactions people make.

So, how does this affect you as a business?


The new changes mean that you need to be a little more out there when it comes to attempting new things. So, if a tried and tested formula is lagging, you’ll need to change things up a little.

Experiment with things like Facebook adverts and different times of the day and try making more of the Graph Search function. The key to these changes is to keep people engaged.

The more engagement you acquire the better it is for visibility on other people’s sites, so the key is to keep people interested and liking, sharing and commenting. Ask people to participate and to lend their thoughts to your business – engagement has never been as important.

Remember, that the old rules still apply, so try and keep things about the fans and the people who follow you and give them what they want, not what you want them to want. This encourages reading and sharing and engagement.newsfeed-new Facebook Newsfeed – How you can Take Advantage of the Latest Changes

What to Expect

These changes are just a few of the latest in the pipeline and it seems Facebook is testing a number of new additions. This change, along with the new cover photo guidelines and embedded post for sites have created a number of opportunities, however there are more on the horizon.

According to reports Facebook will soon be offering TV style adverts on site, may include an ‘On this Day’ feature allowing you the chance to glimpse at your and your friend’s past. The site may also include trending topics too according to AllThingsD.

Facebook is an increasingly dynamic platform and it seems its only constant is change and it seems the best thing you can do is to roll with these changes.

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