Hello, and welcome one and all to the Your First Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup of 2017!

Have you missed them?

dmr_040117 Facebook, Instagram and Vine Camera: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

What an exciting year for digital marketing 2016 was. Updates galore each and every week (check out our Digital Marketing Yearly Roundup to see what you might have missed).

So, what will 2017 have in store, I wonder? We’ll have to wait and see…

This week, we’ve got updates from Facebook, Instagram and – perhaps surprisingly – Vine.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Facebook Introduces Automatic Video Subtitling

Right off the bat for 2017, we have an important update in the world of video.

Video, as those of you who follow our Weekly Roundups will know, proved to be the most important focus point of 2016, and here it seems that we can expect more of the same over the next 12 months.

Facebook have recently launched (without much fanfare) a free automatic video subtitling tool to all US English Facebook Pages – so we can reasonably expect a greater roll out over the coming weeks or months.

You may well have noticed it yourself – a number of those auto-play vids that start rolling when you scroll through your news feeds have started displaying subtitles.

Kudos must go to TechCrunch for this scoop – here’s what they have to say:

“Facebook first rolled out auto-captioning for video ads in February 2016, in an attempt to make its advertising channel more competitive with platforms like YouTube that always play clips with the sound on. The feature could potentially expand to user-uploaded videos but Facebook refused to comment on future plans.

“For now, Facebook wants to help every Page adapt to the silent-until-clicked auto-play format. That way, users in public without headphones can fully understand videos they watch muted, and viewers can make a better assessment in the first silent seconds about whether they want to watch full-screen with sound.”

Facebook-subtitle Facebook, Instagram and Vine Camera: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

The tool is powered entirely by voice recognition software (which is pretty cool – though a few bloopers will undoubtedly emerge over time), and currently only available to Business Pages – which means people like you and me (i.e. marketers) need to take the steps to turn the feature on.

TechCrunch walks us through it:

“When Page admins upload a video, they’ll see a ‘Generate’ button in the video editor to instantly add subtitles, or they’ll see the ‘Generate’ button above the video in the feed. Facebook breaks down the subtitles snippet by snippet, allowing you to review the suggestion, play back that segment to hear it for yourself, and edit the captions for accuracy before saving them to the video.”

This is a good update – people will be able to understand our video marketing content even when they’re in situations when it’s not appropriate to have the sound up on their phones, ensuring more views, and longer views. Nice one.  

Vine Will Become Vine Camera on January 17th

It really was a sad day last year when it was announced that, alas, Vine would soon be no more.

I used to love Vine – both on a personal and professional level (more so on the personal one, as it happens).

But, hey-ho, nothing lasts forever. And now we have a date – January 17th, which is just next week!

So, first thing’s first. If you’ve got marketing material on Vine that you want to keep, YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS BEFORE NEXT TUESDAY.

vine-download Facebook, Instagram and Vine Camera: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Next – what’s the Vine Camera all about?

I’ll allow the Vine FAQ page to explain:

“On January 17 the Vine app will become the Vine Camera. We will notify you through the app before this happens. The Vine Camera will allow you to make 6.5 second looping videos and post them to Twitter, or save them to your camera roll in a logged out state. You will not be able to do any of the other things you can currently do with the Vine app. Once the Vine Camera is live, you will no longer be able to download your Vines from the app.”

So, essentially, the Vine Camera is being integrated as a new feature for Twitter. I think this is a good thing – those 6.5 second loops are great for light-hearted video marketing purposes, and I’m pleased that they haven’t completely vanished forever.

And the good news is that we are able to transfer our Vine followings to Twitter (sort of – it’s not quite as simple as that). Here’s the explanation:

“You can connect your Vine and Twitter accounts so that your followers can find you on Twitter with our new Follow On Twitter feature. (Note that your accounts need to be public, and you must link your accounts in your settings for this to work). We’ll notify you through the app when this feature is available. We hope this will help you grow your audience on Twitter and continue making and sharing videos there!”

So, all in all, the blow of losing Vine has been somewhat softened – just make sure you download all your vids before the January 17th deadline.

Instagram Rolls Out iOS Enhancements

Who’s in charge of Instagram marketing at your office? Have they got an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus?

Well, if they have, then a new Instagram feature has now been (almost) fully rolled out exclusively to those fancy-pants-people with the latest Apple handset.

TechCrunch, once again (how do they do it?), provides the details on this one:

“New iPhone owners can share even more vividly, as Instagram on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus now supports wide colour capture and display. Today Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger announced the new features have been almost fully rolled out, and don’t require an app update.”

Mike-Instagram- Facebook, Instagram and Vine Camera: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Not a bad little update for those that can access it – visual marketing in 2017 is going to be big, so creating the best visuals possible can only assist our successes. Time for me to upgrade my phone.

That’s it! Let’s hope 2017 is even better than 2016. See you all next week!