Make Your Own Flappy Bird Game

To celebrate their first birthday, US coding site is giving people the chance to make their very own Flappy Bird game. After recently meeting the end of its relatively short life, people around the world were devastated by the loss of the addictive and often frustrating game.

Using a really simple drag and drop tutorial, users can build their own Flappy Bird game – anything from Flappy Shark to Flappy Underwater Unicorn. It’s really easy to do and users can make their own rules and decide on their game’s difficulty.

Flappy-Bird1-1 Saturday Social – Facebook Stories, @N is Returned and Flappy Bird is Back!

Once your game is created, it can be shared with friends in one simple click, meaning everyone can play. There are endless possibilities with this fun and creative idea and it is a fantastic introduction to the world of code. Happy Birthday!

Facebook Ten Stories Go Viral

Facebook celebrated its tenth birthday this month and to honour the occasion it decided to remind users around the world that the social network isn’t just for picture of pets and complaints about life, it’s actually about the magic of bringing people together.

To illustrate the life changing effect Facebook has had, it compiled ten magical stories that perfectly demonstrate how the social network has affected people and businesses and poignantly changed their lives.

The ten stories include the Humans of New York that inspired people around the world, the homeless poet, Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho, who had his life transformed by a Facebook page someone created for him and the story of two complete strangers who met on Facebook, only to find out later that they were twins. Tissues at the ready – these are very touching, here’s one to start you off:

Stolen @N Twitter Name Returned

Last month Naoki Hiroshima told of how his Twitter handle @N had been stolen by a hacker. He had owned the handle since 2007 and was blackmailed into giving it up by someone who took control of all his other online accounts.

Mr Hiroshima had regularly been offered money for the handle and claimed someone had once tried to buy it for a whopping £30,000 but he didn’t want to lose it due to its rarity. Luckily he is now back in control of the account.

It was not made clear how the Twitter handle was returned or what went on behind the scenes at Paypal and GoDaddy, the companies involved in enabling the handle to be stolen in the first place, but Mr Hiroshima tweeted on Wednesday saying “Order has been restored!”

WhatsApp to Launch Voice Calling

After Facebook’s recent acquisition, social messaging app WhatsApp is now planning to add a free voice calling service to its current offering. The app was recently acquired for a staggering $19bn and at the time founder and CEO, Jan Koum, announced they were working on introducing voice calls.

Koum explained that this would be a perfect next step in the evolution of the app, enabling users to connect with each other easily and help everyone to stay in touch. He also said that the company had applied the speed and efficiency of texting to their voice product to ensure it was the best out there.

Both Facebook and Koum have confirmed that the messaging service will still run as a stand alone company, as the key to its success in a constantly changing industry is to be adaptable and keep up with the demands and needs of users.