local-seo 4 Simple Factors that Improve Local SEOFor the last couple of years ‘local’ SEO has been something of a buzzword and there has been a significant growth in focus on the area. The rise of mobile search, geo location based apps and a number of other factors have created this increased emphasis.

Of course, the wonderful thing about the world of local SEO is that it allows small business to compete with multinationals in their local area. A recent survey from Moz.com has brought a number of things to light regarding local SEO. So, let’s take a look at how to edge out the competition.

 4 Simple Factors that Improve Local SEO

Title Tag

If you’re looking for a local service or provider, most of us tend to search with a local term – so instead of searching for ‘builder’ we’d search for ‘builder London’ for example. By placing the location of your service in the title tag you help Google locate where your service is offered. Ideally, place the location before the business name as Google tends to read from left to right and this may help to a further degree in search.

Map Listings

What’s the best way of finding something online or offline? A map is. This is still the case in for real people in real life, online and is also the same for search engines too. Claiming and optimising your map on Google, Bing and other map services is very important for both bot and person. Fill out your listing to the furthest degree possible to benefit.

Local Accounts

There’s more to search than your website and for local business there is more truth in this than for most other forms of business. The likes of Google Places, Yahoo Local Listings, Yelp, Foursquare and any others you can think of need to be optimised. So, be sure to include your business and once again optimise as much as you can as each optimised profile increases visibility and the chance of your showing up for search queries. In turn, the more queries you show up for locally, the fewer your competitors do.

local-search-seo 4 Simple Factors that Improve Local SEO


One of the most important things that you need to ensure is that your information is consistent across all accounts. Most especially, this means your name, address and phone number.

If there is a significant deviation on this information it can potentially have a negative effect on the rankings.

Categories also need to be consistent and the choice of business category you choose needs to be a constant across all directories, sites and tools. The biggest difficulty here is that categories are often from pull down menus and these tend to vary depending on the site. However, the only thing you can do is try and keep as much of a degree of consistency as possible here. Choosing the right business category is a must and irregular categories are also something that can cause negative rankings.

These factors may help increase your rankings and should increase your chances of being seen and benefitting from local search.