4square1 Foursquare for Business - 5 TipsFoursquare for business – Finding a realistic meeting point between the online and offline audience can often create some head scratching. One often underutilised option is location based social network Foursquare, which offers a smorgasbord of opportunities to business of all sizes.

Foursquare has around 20m followers, but the wizardry is that posts via Foursquare appear on the Foursquare users Twitter and Facebook pages. Of course, the more you reward users for checking in, the more they are going to tag themselves at your business and the more cross network promotion you get via your customers. So, here’s how to make the most of the location based social media site.

4square1-1 Foursquare for Business - 5 Tips

Add Business

Claiming the physical location of your business is a necessity and can be done via the Foursquare app on your phone. Simply download and then try and check in. If the business doesn’t appear you can add your business at the bottom of the page. You will now have to add your business category via a number of menus and submenus.

Finally, you now have to fill out the profile. It’s important to be as detailed as possible here as it benefits in the long term. This involves entering your address details and social media credentials. It’s also possible to ‘claim your venue’ if you don’t own the physical area but manage it. This verifies the venue ownership via phone of email and involves you replying to an automated phone message or email for clarification.

Updating – Foursquare for business

One of the new features on Foursquare is the local updates option. This allows you to send updates about offers, vouchers and announcement to a user’s feed. It can also be filtered to specific locations only – something that increases relevance if you have a few business locations. Foursquare is currently also toying with a promote posts feature, which allows big business to give that extra push if needed ala Facebook style. It’s in its infancy as of yet and only available to larger companies currently.

Foursquare Specials

Foursquare offers ‘Specials’ to businesses. This has the purpose of gaining new customers and also rewarding current ones. These Specials can be anything from a ‘free starter’ if you check in three friends to ‘get a free coffee with every sixth check in’. Essentially, it’s up to you to create one that fits in with your business, but is an essential part of Foursquare for business.

These are used to grow clientele and promote loyalty. Many businesses run two Specials at once to see which works best – a form of A/B testing. Of course, a lot of these can be promoted via Facebook and Twitter, which increases reach.

check-in-here-foursquare-for-business Foursquare for Business - 5 Tips

It’s Social – Foursquare for business

Of course, Foursquare isn’t just about specials; it’s also about being social. Using Foursquare for business to offer tips on other local companies Foursquare accounts is a good way to create a community and also to showcase your company to others visiting the same area. You never know, they may just drop in.

Of course, customers also use this feature to review and offer tips about your business. So, why not showcase the positive ones on a company web or social media page. It gives customers more information on your business and shows you in a positive light.

Website Plugin

We always suggest that you should give people every opportunity to be social – so, add Foursquare buttons to your webpage, email, etc. This allows customers easy access to your Foursquare for business site and the easier it is to join the more your Foursquare audience will grow.

There are two buttons – a ‘Like’ Foursquare button and a ‘Save to Foursquare button’. The Like button allows them to Like your Foursquare page from your website, growing your audience.

The ‘Save to Foursquare’ button allows them to save your location for use later. They will then receive a message notification to their mobile phone as a reminder if they are near that location again. It’s a great way to mix desktop browsing, with your Foursquare for business and the customer’s mobile phone benefiting your offline and online attempts.

Foursquare for business is often underutilised but really is a great bonus for companies and one that can really help your garner old relationships, while also create new ones.

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