Google offers a number of great apps for project management, many of which are free. These apps provide solution for many of the simple little problems of every day – we’ve decided to look through a few of the best.

best_google_apps_project_management Best Google Apps for Project Management

Smartsheet Apps for Project Management

This app takes a spreadsheet like interface and makes it a very powerful tool that can be used for management online. It integrates an array of features including Gantt charts, dependencies and subtasks and is a great app just to have on your desktop.


This integrated manager is an amazing resource to help you organise yourself and get projects to where they should be. The app integrates Google Calendar and allows you to set automatic reminders for repeating tasks. You can also use its features to collaborate on tasks and share lists with co-workers as well as assign tasks to whoever you wish as required.


This is an online diagram app that allows you to create a number of different diagrams, wireframes, flow charts and mind maps. It can be shared and allows people to collaborate and look through the maps together and leave suggestions. There’s also a selection of templates to speed up proceedings as well as a number of shapes for a range of business and requirements.

Gliffy – Apps for Project Management

For those looking to create some quick diagrams and translate some information into a simple chart, this is the app. Of course you can share information with others and also revise, while saving the original draft, allowing you to track any changes. There is a large library of different styles, so you can be sure to find what fits.


This app is ideal for those looking to manage time and the project management process, as well as report where time was spent. You can use it from the universal tool bar and import time entries from Google Calendar.

View Path

This online solution is one that allows you to visualise, organise, share and place project tasks in order of priority. There are a number of different charts, including timeline and Gantt charts, as well as daily activity dashboards and a number of other choices.

GlassCubes – Apps for Project Management

This is a cool little online app that allows you to communicate and get through to people in your own project cubes. You can do the usual sharing and editing and also schedule through calendar. There is also the option to engage in free conference calls.


This is the ideal app for Google apps and allows you to bring Google Calendar, contacts, docs and all the other apps together. It is possible to create projects through your Gmail and email, as well as add projects and information from projects from your Google Docs. It also adds links and documents to the project record automatically to make things easier. 

We hope you found our Google apps for project management round up useful. Please let us know via the comments if we missed any of your favorites.

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