Google Doodles have become increasingly extravagant in recent times. This week’s tribute to Robert Moog,, father of the synthesiser, was a fine example. Revealed on Moog’s 76th birthday, the doodle allowed users to play, record and share a synthesiser made piece of their own via the search engine’s home screen.

Dubbed the ‘Goog’, the doodle allowed site visitors to play the synth through the number keys. Of course, the addition of fully usable keyboard mixers, filters and oscillators made the appearance of the ‘Goog’ all the more exciting.

 Best of Google Doodles

google_doodle_robert_moog Best of Google Doodles

We’re all aware that Google likes to transcend the line between art and technology like Moog. So, what are our other favourite Google Doodles?

Les Paul Google Doodle

Following on the music theme, Google celebrated the life of guitar creator Les Paul by creating a 10 string guitar on its landing page. Google users could play and record their own music, riffs and solos using a combination of keyboard and mouse. Added to the minimalist home page the day of Les Paul’s 96th birthday, it certainly bears a resemblance to this week’s Moog effort.

les_paul_google_doodle Best of Google Doodles

25th Anniversary of Buckyball

Google’s main men are geeks. So, what better way to celebrate geekdom by distinguishing the discovery of a molecule made completely from carbon. Google changed the second ‘O’ in its logo to an animated buckyball. Site users could use their mouse to move and twist the molecule around. Very cool and a definite signifier of where Google’s interests lie. See the interactive logo here.

google_doodle_buckyball Best of Google Doodles

John Lennon Google Doodle

In October 2010, Google celebrated what would have been 70th birthday of John Lennon by creating its own 32 second doodle. The short animated video had an idyllic pastoral feel and included a butterfly and flowers all backtracked by Lennon’s infamous song Imagine.

john_lennon_google_doodle Best of Google Doodles

Mr Men

A personal favourite here. The Mr Men Google Doodles based on the sunny and not so sunny characters of Roger Hargreaves was brilliantly done. By integrating 16 signature character’s features into Google’s logo, Google captured the fun, colourful nature of the Englishman’s characters.

roger_hargreaves_google_doodle Best of Google Doodles

Thomas Edison Google Doodle

Another technology based Google Doodle here. Edison, famed for the invention of the light bulb received a Google Doodle on what would have been his 164th birthday. Users of the site were welcomed with a moving ‘G’ shaped telegraph and a glowing bulb as a replacement for the ‘L’, in a homage to the great inventor.

thomas_edison_google_doodle Best of Google Doodles

There are many reasons for Google’s use of Google Doodles. As previously mentioned, Google does so as a tribute to those its founders take inspiration from. The minimalist site design of the site also benefits from some brightening up at times and what better way to engage people with the search engine than a great doodle?

Finally, where better to show science and art? With billions of searches a day, there’s never been a more accessible place to showcase the brilliance of the human race.

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